CFR Global Executive Search announces Thierry Faure, Partner at PIXCELL – Leaders Recruiting Leaders to become the new head of its Financial Services Practice,

-finaleffective September 12th, 2022.

Financial Services are changing and evolving fast! From Fintech to DeFi, the once conservative and quite static industry is facing a wave of changes. Traditional financial institutions are now facing new digital-native competitors that are re-shaping the industry. Inevitably, this rise in technology will bring changes in regulations on a global level.

Through these significant changes, for an industry that was largely oligopolistic in nature for a long time, CFR Global Executive Search demonstrates an enviable position to guide Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Venture Capital, and Private Equity Firms in the search for new leadership and Board Members. But what can we expect from the Financial Services industry for the years to come? According to a recent article published by Forbes, we are likely to see 11 trends: new and diverse services from banks, expansion of digital currencies, fewer physical bank branches, commitment to sustainable finance, focus on security solutions for digitized assets, growth of nontraditional lenders, tech-driven simplification, rise of open banking / finance, renewed regulatory forces, added risk in investing in innovation and a more inclusive, secure system. Several of these elements are brand-new for Financial Services Firms, but they are also mission-critical if they want to keep growing and stay ahead of the curve from an innovation standpoint.

These changes inevitably require new skills set and leadership at the Executive and Board levels and is talent that usually does not come from the Financial Services industry. The launch of CFR Global Executive Search’s Financial Services Practice Group further augments its capabilities in guiding Boards and Management Committees in the search, assessment, and selection of world-class leaders in the exciting but no less complex Financial Services industry.

For more information on CFR Global Executive Search’s Financial Services Practice:

Mr. Thierry Faure

Partner at PIXCELL – Leaders Recruiting Leaders and Head of Financial Services at CFR Global Executive Search

+1 514 516-5878

Article written by Thierry Faure, CFR Global Executive Search Canada

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