Director of a New Growth Equity Fund

Director of a New Growth Equity Fund (m/f)

Slovenia – growth equity opportunities

Our client is a well-respected Slovenian asset Management Company which is in the process of establishing a new Growth Equity Fund. Slovenia has a population of over 2 million people and has a number of fast growing emerging companies in various segments like: pharma, automotive, bio technologies, as well as IT (Outfit 7 ‘Talking Tom’ founded in Slovenia and sold for over 1 billion EUR). In the last 3 years Slovenia finalised and completed one of its last privatisation processes and recapitalised its banking system. It is currently one of the strongest-growing EU economies, with a healthy export sector.
The Slovenian growth equity market is not yet in the spotlight of the international funds, nor are there many local specialists active in this field. Growth equity investing in Slovenia comes with restrictions in terms of investment size, but due to a limited competition and our client’s in-depth-knowledge of this region, it will offer a number of substantial opportunities to invest in successful local companies in Slovenia and other countries across South Eastern Europe.

We are looking for an ambitious and experienced person who can be the leader of this new venture as a senior member of the team in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Your mission is to set up and lead a small team of investment professionals, with the goal to build a successful SME growth equity fund. In addition, the candidate will be responsible for coordinating and facilitating the work flow with a diverse group of external parties, including consultants, directors, executive boards, supervisory boards, attorneys, general partners and other constituents. As a newcomer in this segment you will get full support from the management board.

This position is a unique opportunity for someone who can think and work as an entrepreneur, and wants to step out of the lime-light of his or her current superior. This position is for a person eager and motivated to make difference and impact in financing South Eastern European companies and helping to accelerate their growth path.
We are looking for a leader – not just a specialist. If you are a person who has comparable experience in institutional private equity, growth eqity or venture capitalinvestment management, is self-motivated, has entrepreneurial and leadership skills, is dedicated and has the ability to analyse investment opportunities and evaluate their risks, and is able to defend investment cases to an investment board or board of directors.

Please send your CV and motivation letter under the code 5444 to, or call +386 41 786 828 for more info.
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