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As a member of CFR Executive Search Group, CFR China has the requisite expertise and know-how at its disposal to help you in the search and selection of new staff members. We have been in the recruitment business in China since 2000, previously as part of Competence@ China.

Today we provide recruitment and search services in more than 30 countries. We have strongholds in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, and the Middle East. In China, we have offices in Shanghai and Suzhou. Our team consists of highly motivated professionals, predominately qualified consultants, and psychologists. We share the core values of professionalism and commitment to our clients and candidates. CFR China does not only investigate whether people satisfy the functional and technical criteria at the position level, but we also investigate whether the candidates fit at the team level and organizational level by measuring their personalities, values, attitudes, motivations, and potential.

作为CFR 猎头集团的一员,CFR 中国拥有专业的知识和技术,协助您完成招聘和甄选 的工作。我们自2000年开始,活跃在中国的人才招聘服务中,此前是Competence@ China的一部分。

今天,我们在30多个国家提供人才招聘和寻访服务,业务遍布欧洲、亚太地区、美洲和 中东。在中国,我们在上海和苏州设有办事处。 我们的团队由高度专业、积极和胜任 的招聘顾问和心理学顾问组成。我们的团队拥有共同的核心价值观,即关注对客户和候 选人服务的专业性,以及对他们的承诺。CFR China 的专业性体现在我们不仅从职能 和技能的角度去评估候选人和职位的匹配程度,还会通过对候选人性格,价值观,态度, 动机和潜力的测评去评估其与团队和公司的匹配程度。

It is very important to attract and retain leaders in order to be distinctive and competitive. For this reason, we are all committed to our clients through the generation of trust and by maintaining close links with them.
Thanks to our expertise, in addition to Executive Search services, we offer strategic advice, executive consultancy, and analysis of management potential.

吸引和保留人才对一个企业的独特性和竞争力的实现来说非常重要。因此,我们信 守对客户的承诺并与他们保持密切的联系。
由于我们的专业性,除了猎头服务外,我们还提供战略建议、高层管理咨询以及管 理评估等服务。

As a member of a highly professional consultancy group, we select the most appropriate
methods in accordance with the position. We add value in the following ways:

  • Thorough understanding of client needs
  • Tailored, confidential search to suit local cultures
  • Structured, competency-based interviews
  • High-quality shortlists
  • In-depth assessments
  • Post recruitment follow-up

作为高度专业的咨询集团中的一员,我们根据职位的不同选择最合适有效的招聘服务方法。我们的增 值服务包括:
深入理解客户需求 量身定制适应公司文化的人才搜寻服务 基于胜任力的结构化面试 高质量的候选人

Howard ZHU
CFR China
Managing Director

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