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DSML Executive Search is a Retained Executive Search firm founded in Chicago, USA, in 2007 and a CFR Partner since 2011, with current responsibility for the Midwest and Southeastern regions of the US. Our focus is in General Management, Sales, Business Development, and Operational Management positions. The majority of our customers are European companies doing business in the United States.

We know how challenging it is to recruit top talent, especially when there are cultural differences; the company is just setting operations in the US and the candidates will very often report to someone overseas. We also work for European firms that are already established in the US but still need to find the right fit to interact and report to the overseas headquarters. DSML brings unique expertise in this area and an ability to identify local talent with the appropriate profile and experience to succeed in this type of environment.

Our DSML partners take personal care of every step of the search process, and both Directors work together in a unique way to ensure candidates are evaluated through different cultural and professional lenses.

Myriam Le Cannellier
DSML Executive Search
Co-Founder and Director
Doug Seville
DSML Executive Search
Co-Founder and Director

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