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About CFR Global Executive Search

Founded in 1997, CFR Global Executive Search is a growing alliance of independent executive search companies whose combined resources create one of the most robust recruiting networks in the world

Our membership is based on our shared values and we are used to working on multi-country search & selection assignments. We work as one to give you access to our globe-spanning network with the same care and attention you expect from local executive search firms.

Features of the CFR service include:

  • Strategic positioning of our international offices

  • In-depth understanding of client needs

  • Customized and confidential search to suit local cultures

  • Selected advertising as appropriate to suit the campaign, such as international, national, local, or specialist media

  • Competency-based interviews

  • High-quality shortlists

  • Rigorous assessments

  • Post-placement follow-up

We have designed our features and strategically placed international offices to give you the power of international recruiting on a budget that fits the needs of your company.


CFR Global Executive Search's Vision

Each member of the group works toward a common goal to be recognized as the most efficient executive search group at finding top-performing executives and managers. Even in an ever-changing economy, we never stop taking steps toward the realization
of our vision.

Our Mission

Our group seeks to help companies truly prosper with executives and managers who know how to lead, drive growth and success, and care for the welfare and productivity of employees along the way.

Skilled, confident, and experienced people are becoming more difficult to find, but our ultimate mission is to put in the time and effort to find real experts looking for high-level, difficult-to-fill positions through our extensive network and years upon years of expertise.


Our Values


This is our number one value – your trust is our motivation.
Our strength lies in the ability of our people and partners to always deliver what they promise.


We, as a worldwide alliance, respect cultural differences. Members of CFR Global Executive Search are advocates of equal opportunities for job candidates regardless of such factors as age, race, or gender.

Global Standards

As an alliance, we apply our global guidelines and procedures in accordance with local standards, as well. This is key to secure success for our clients no matter where they operate.


Your results are the measure of our success. Through results, we can continue to refine how we deliver best-fit candidates to companies who are ready to grow.

Our History

CFR Global Executive Search was founded in the 1990s by four independent retained search companies from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. The aim was to offer clients pan-European recruitment that crossed borders so that true talent and skill became searchable and hirable.

Since then, the number of companies that have joined the CFR network has consistently increased both in Europe and in other geographic areas. At present, CFR Global Executive Search operates across the entire world and covers all of the most successful markets on the planet.


What has characterized CFR since its founding is the commitment of its members to the CFR Global Executive Search mission, vision, and core values. CFR is managed by an Executive Board Committee that sets the highest level of strategy and coordinates its implementation. Through our board, we are able to consistently maintain our values from nation to nation.

In addition, each CFR member is required to pass a rigorous auditing process to be allowed entry into the network. Members must commit to our core values and understand our key performance indicators related to client and candidate best practices and service quality.


Rašo Pazarkić

CFR Executive Search | Serbia


Jasmine Haria

CFR Regional Director East ASIA
NUWAY CFR Pte Ltd | Singapore


Carl T. Denny

CFR Regional Director
North America
Omni Executive Search | USA


David Gallagher

CFR Regional Manager APAC
Beilby Downing Teal | Australia


Jorge Segovia

CFR Regional Director
Latin America
LYCANS Group | Mexico

Marc Steuer

Marc Steuer

Cantor | Germany

Lukas Kühne

Lukas Kühne

CFR Regional Director EMEA
Meister Executive
Search | Switzerland


Jana Terčelj

CFR Marketing Director
CFR Executive Search | Serbia