Food & Agribusiness
Food & Agribusiness

Food & Agriculture Industry Executive Recruitment

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has calculated that by the year 2050, the world population will be 10 billion or more. These people will have to be fed and considering that the amount of arable land decreases every year, given the growth of urban sprawl on the planet, producing, storing, processing, industrializing, and distributing 70% more food is a huge challenge. It will force us to make more and better investments plus develop technology to improve productivity, safety, and quality. Organizations will require human talent to achieve these goals.

Trust CFR Global Executive Search Partners to provide experienced individuals focused on the food and agribusiness sector to provide executive search services to save you time and money.

Instead of hiring full-time employees you may or may not trust to yield profitable results, onboard a qualified consultant with the help of a recruiter.

Consultants are skilled in transforming companies for the better – and know how to do it quickly and effectively.

We add financial and organizational value to companies through the following services:

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Local-to-Global Sustainability

The food and agribusiness industries must catch up with recent and rapid globalization trends in food processing, packaging, waste control, and disposal of waste and by-products.

Massive-Scale Delivery

Population growth will force food delivery systems to become robust enough to ship food virtually anywhere to feed a global population.

Production Efficiency

Producing more while consuming less nets a universally better bottom line while helping to preserve fertile growth areas for continued agricultural success.

Food Safety

The food and agribusiness supply chain is required to comply with quality and safety local and global standards for fresh and processed food.

Businesses operating within the food and agribusiness industries will require executive search experts who can efficiently identify experienced and capable top-level decision makers with highly specialized agricultural knowledge.

CFR Global Executive Search Approach to the
Food & Agribusiness Industries

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As a talent and consulting services leader among agriculture recruitment agencies, the CFR Global Executive Search approach is in constant evolution. We examine the most pressing issues in food production and set them against economic and business-level challenges to find executives prepared to deliver robustly constructed strategies.

Our food and agriculture industry headhunters seek for executives with the skills to:


Assessment is of particular importance in agribusiness. Because of the complexity of food production and delivery systems, executives must be skilled at quickly learning how those systems work together to simultaneously drive business success and address global-level agribusiness challenges.


Because growing and delivering food globally is so demanding, and because natural resources are dwindling, agribusiness must generate consistent and top-level productivity from its employees through highly competitive rewards and benefits systems.


Part of the improvement process in the food industry is ensuring that everyone from top to bottom is performing at their peak within the organization. Adept executives will make the most of available resources through carefully considered and executed internal organization.


The most capable leaders are also teachers; they will continually pass on valuable leadership and other universal skills to people within their organizations. Through doing so, they will develop systems of succession and create methodologies for ongoing success.

An Agricultural Recruitment Agency with Trust Built-in

For each new executive search project within the food and agriculture industry, our consultants know beforehand that the results of that search should be candidates who deliver more than simple answers to the supply and demand challenges in the food industry.

The unparalleled agriculture industry experience our recruiters bring to your search allows our group to leverage the advantages of a global network to bring you the best candidates for the job. Through open and honest communication, we can seek out leaders whose skill sets uniquely match the current needs of your agricultural business.

You get the time and resources you’ve been needing to think strategically – the rest you can leave to us.


Jorge Segovia

Group Leader

Group Leader

Jorge spearheads the hardworking body of agriculture and food industry recruiters. Executive search centered on the food and agribusiness sector has been his area of expertise with CFR Global Executive Search since 2015. He has worked for the Mexico Agriculture Research National Institute and global companies related to Crop Protection and Irrigation Systems. Jorge is also an Agronomy Engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey. He has been involved for 20 years in executive search processes as Founder and leader of LYCANS Group in Mexico and Latam regions.

As a leader of CFR’s agribusiness and food industry executive recruiters, Jorge continuously works with the F&AG group on executive research processes involving C-suite, Directors, Managers, and Key executives. He and his team of agricultural executive recruiters collaborate with both local and international companies focused on agriculture (fruits, grains, vegetables, etc.), livestock (meat, milk products, etc.), seafood, processed food, alcoholic beverages, organic products, and other products & services related to nurturing the F&A sector.