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The need for skilled healthcare leaders is at an all-time high as the industry continues to face challenges in increased competition, consolidation, health care reform, patient safety, regulatory uncertainty, and much more. At CFR Global Executive Search, we understand your organization’s time is a valuable asset that can’t be wasted on finding mediocre healthcare managers and executives.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, relying on knowledgeable leaders in the industry is necessary for success. Save time and energy by partnering with an esteemed life science, pharmaceutical and healthcare executive search firm like CFR Global Executive Search to make the hiring process easy and highly worth your while.

As the healthcare industry undergoes reforms and structural changes, CFR Global Executive Search finds skilled life science executives, able to address complex issues such as:

Complicated Health Care Reform

Leaders will have experience and possess the skills necessary for strengthening organizational compliance and local advocacy as states gain more autonomy in health care policy making. Executives should understand how federal and state policy decisions affect business projections.

Healthcare’s Middlemen

As healthcare intermediaries evolve, industry leaders and purchasers routinely re-evaluate relationships with industry middlemen to prioritize contracts based on the best clinical management.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Studies show when employees are more engaged in the mission of caregiving, patients are more satisfied with their medical experiences. The right leaders know how to leverage both employee and patient satisfaction.

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These are just a few of the challenges healthcare professionals need to tackle when stepping into executive positions. CFR Global Executive Search ensures only the best industry leaders are considered for candidacy by pre-vetting them for the appropriate experience and skills.

As one of the leading healthcare executive recruitment agencies in the industry, our alliance of life science and pharmaceutical executive recruiters finds the talent you need to leverage organizational success.

The Best-Fit Executive Candidates from All Over the World

Rely on Skilled Life Science Executive Headhunters


At CFR Global Executive Search, we have built a trusted global network of life science and healthcare executive recruiters who find the right leaders for clients quickly and effectively. By keeping current on executive search trends and industry reform, our headhunters strategically source the best of the best for healthcare organizations looking to drive initiatives forward.

Recruiters test candidates with industry-specific competency assessments so only the most qualified leaders fill executive roles. Best of all, we can leverage the power of our global alliance to provide headhunting services for clients whenever and wherever they need them.

Healthcare and pharma executive headhunters at CRF Global Executive Search find exceptional professionals who can:


Best-fit executives have experience in leading company-wide initiatives to see goals through to completion. While navigating unsettled policy landscapes, executives strategically lead thought leaders to agree on compliance and advocacy issues. They have a keen knowledge of the industry and guide efforts across all departments and at every level.


As technology continues to develop, the healthcare industry does too. Executives collaborate across departments to invent best practices relating to the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics. The right leaders keep abreast of technological advancements and work with other leaders to implement new strategies inside and outside of the operating room.


CEOs, CFOs, COOs and the like need to negotiate with pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers to ensure regulatory practices meet state requirements. Beyond tackling transparency and price controls, leaders are expected to strategize on disaster preparation, update financial reporting systems according to new tax provisions, devise value-based reimbursement models, and so much more.

Trust CFR Global Executive Search for Unparalleled Results

Great candidates are hard to find and hire, which is why skilled healthcare executive recruiters at CFR Global Executive Search are here to help. We ensure all candidates possess the necessary qualities to position your organization at the forefront of your industry. When searching for exceptional leaders, turn to CFR Global Executive Search for great options and unparalleled results.

Bertram Klinger

Group Leader

Group Leader

Bertram completed the MBA Exchange Program at Texas A&M University in the US on top of his apprenticeship in agriculture and his Business Administration degree at WU in Vienna. With his broad education and extensive training in various fields, Bertram gained most of his working experience in international KAM. He also led Head of Sales and General Manager positions both locally and internationally in the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan.

Due to his broad experience, he took over leadership of the CFR Global Executive Search life science recruiters group. Bertram is a motivated business economist who is a true expert at recruitment for specialist positions such as life sciences executives. As a sought-after keynote speaker, he uses his role to enhance business performance and people management. Bertram strives to continue developing his skills and knowledge in the business world. He keeps his learnings current to provide CFR clients with the best possible guidance in executive search toward business growth.