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Financial Services

Financial Services Industry Executive Recruiters

The financial services industry is an always changing and evolving market. With continual expansion and progression, its industry demands executives to stay ahead of the curve. The push towards convergence, consolidation, and globalization continually revolutionizes the financial services industry. Dramatic industry changes due to increased regulation, uncertain economic and geopolitical times, and rapid technological advances demand greater transparency and expertise.

At the forefront of worldwide banking, our private equity headhunters understand the need for executives with not just industry knowledge and technical competencies, but instinctual creativity and innovative implementation to keep up with rapid industry changes. Our recruiters find private equity and investment fund executives with expertise matched to face the current challenges experienced in global financial services.

Challenges in Today’s Market

Hiring financial industry executives experienced to face today’s challenges ensures advancement, development, and retention. In the financial services industry, executives must have innate problem-solving skills to produce results congruent with regulations and fluid advancements. Search firms for financial service executives must acquire talent knowledgeable to industry-specific intricacies.

The most complex challenges in the financial services industry serve as our guide to find distinguished candidates prepared to advance and innovate strategies congruent to the evolution of the industry. We recruit finance executives with the proper knowledge to stay ahead of convergence trends and capable of utilizing the latest technology to improve the integration between different sectors of financial services. Assessment is especially important in the financial industry as its imperative for leaders to find ways to decrease costs and consolidate strategies to produce high return rates. We specialize in finding up-to-date leaders in financial knowledge needed to regulate across the global economy encompassing financial services and bring success to your company.

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Financial services executives must be able to keep up with the drastic convergence and merging between different sectors of the industry. Forward-thinking solutions are needed to match the new wave of diverse and integrated financial services.


Experienced implementation of consolidation strategies by executives is imperative to capitalize on economies of scale with the result of lowering internal production costs and increased productivity.


The geographic diversification of banking services requires unparalleled intelligence and judgment to act in accordance with regulations while simultaneously advancing financial practices.

CFR Global Executive Search’s Approach to Financial Services Recruiting

As one of the leading financial services executive search firms, we know the experience, approach, and proficiency needed to executively advance global banking and investing. In order to stay relevant in this changing industry, it is imperative to look past traditional industry definitions in order to stay competitive. Similarly, our approach to hedge fund and asset management executive search is continually evolving in line with the changes occurring in financial services. Specifically, our search is dedicated to finding financial services executives with the ability to assess, advance, and develop the industry to increase value and profits.


François Piché-Roy

Group Leader

Group Leader

François Piché-Roy is president and managing partner at PIXCELL – Leaders Recruiting Leaders, the exclusive Canadian partner of CFR Global Executive Search. He has close to 20 years of experience in business and 12 years of experience searching for mid-level executives, senior executives, and board members, particularly in the financial services industry. He leads a team of consultants and top finance executive recruiters.

As a leading financial services executive recruiter, François has worked extensively with family offices and private equity firms to recruit their executive teams and for the teams of their portfolio companies in various industries. Boards of directors of institutional organizations also solicit François to advise them on recruiting their executive teams, particularly for functions related to innovation and digital transformation in this ever-changing industry.

Fluent in English, French, and Spanish, François graduated from McGill University and is frequently asked to weigh in on human resources issues faced by companies.