Search Process
Search Process

How Executive Recruiting Leverages Success

Finding the right employees to fill executive roles is a full-time job – this is where CFR Global Executive Search can help. We bridge the gap between what your business aspires to be and where your company stands right now. Through the executive search process, our network of recruiters pairs leaders with companies in a variety of industries around the world.

The result is a business that flourishes with newfound success, and all with the help of a dedicated team of global recruiters and qualified leaders. Company success is realized through structural change, adding long-term value to organizations in the form of improved management and strategy.

By accessing our extensive global recruiting network, we help companies find the thought leaders they need to thrive – but not every candidate is qualified to effect change on a large scale. For this reason, recruiters conduct thorough leadership assessments before introducing potential managers and executives to employers. The process is selective and carefully managed by our board of directors.

What Do Executive Recruiters Do?

Executive recruiters search for qualified candidates well suited for the positions they fill and are screened for competency and skill. Our recruitments aren’t completely blind – while biases aren’t a part of the hiring process, we are recruiting not only based on simple competencies, but we also consider attitude, personality, approach and motivation when tackling the executive search process. CFR Global Executive Search doesn’t just match resumes with jobs – instead, the goal is to help connect ideal people with great companies to ensure long-term success for everyone involved.

After being interviewed by recruiters, leaders are hired to transform companies through innovative strategies and improved management. Relying on executive recruiters to find top-level talent makes the executive search process easy and highly effective.

In a global economy, finding leaders who can increase company success and profits is a complex process. Our executive team and board have years of experience working with search groups to help source the best managers and executives all around the world. Since our founding in 1997, we’ve grown an alliance of executive search companies in 24 countries. Our recruiters not only know how to find above-average leaders but are uniquely positioned in locations around the world to find talent where you need it when you need it.

Take Advantage of Our Global Executive Search Process

How does Executive Search Work?

The executive search process begins by understanding the unique needs of our clients. After reviewing projects and clarifying objectives, we set the gears in motion by gathering information and comparing effective strategies for onboarding new leaders. Once recruiters know what the ideal candidate looks like, they begin their search. Applicants are called, considered, and selected for an interview. But the executive search process doesn’t end here.


If employers are interested in multiple candidates, we offer assessment services to better guide companies through the decision-making process.


After an applicant is chosen, an offer letter is sent and the deal is sealed with a contract signature. We even follow up with new employees and employers to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Through this process, we’ve set a global standard for recruiting built upon trust, respect, and commitment.


Executives have extensive knowledge in the following markets: Food and Agribusiness, Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport, Financial Services, Retail and Luxury, Energy and Industrial, Life Science and Healthcare, IT and Digital, and Construction and Infrastructure.

Let Us Simplify Your Search

The blind recruitment and executive search process doesn’t have to be long and difficult. Trust our team and extensive network of recruiters to source top-level talent for your business. With years of experience recruiting the best managers and executives, CFR Global Executive Search remains a leader in the world of global recruiting.