Succession Planning

With a backdrop of skills shortages particularly at leadership and business critical roles such a technical experts succession planning is now more important than ever. This art focuses on identifying and growing talent to fill future positions seamlessly. This article will look at approaches to succession planning as well how…

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The real motivations behind a change:
an often underestimated factor

Everyday, as Consultants/Headhunters, we are called upon to evaluate the motivations that have convinced a certain candidate to answer to our direct contact for an interview. It is completely normal that when we realise that the candidate in front of us is the right fit with our Client’s culture and…

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Strong boards result to strong companies

The board of directors is the highest governing body that determines the medium and long-term direction of companies. It determines the vision of the company, creates its strategies and oversees the execution. As the highest decision maker; the mission of the board of directors is to lead the company proactively,…

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lola career options

Why not get to know Lola, a tool that helps identify your career options?

What did you want to be when you were a child? A pilot, a doctor, an ice-cream seller, or maybe a circus director? Having a profession is important, as we are what we do. All the more reason for us to introduce you to Lola, a product from Low Lands…

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Your Guide to Completing a Digital Interviews

As a result of working amidst a global pandemic, the world of recruitment has changed in many ways.  One area that has had to adapt in order to keep industry moving is the way the recruitment of new staff is undertaken. Yes – the information provided by applicants within their…

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Shortage of Talent in Private Equity

To put it mildly, 2020 and 2021 have been unconventional years, and their major impact on the recruitment of PE professionals is consequently no surprise. The first observation is that the post-pandemic market is flooded with assets and that the valuation of some companies has never been so high. The…

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New Work:
Welcome to the Workplace of the Future!

The key question of where and when we work has changed considerably as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But experts are sure that this trend will continue after the pandemic and redefine our daily work. In today’s cultures the workplace has become the centre of life. The workplace can…

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CFR Global Executive Search
Food & Agribusiness Practice Group

Today human population January 2022 is about 7.8 billion. The population expected by year 2050 will be around 10 billion people. The natural resources for food production up to 2021 are already limited by the systematic damage with which nature has been affected. The challenge is enormous and the current…

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Bottleneck recruiting: War for talents in mid-tier companies

In many countries the shortage of skilled labor (including professionals, experts, and specialists at all levels) is THE crucial factor that companies name when it comes to current and future challenges for positive business development. According to a survey by ManpowerGroup (2021) around 69% of participating companies report a shortage…

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