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Profound changes taking place within the energy & industrial industry demands experienced executives to navigate and succeed through these shifts. The way to successfully conquer these changes is by having the right people for the job. Industry leaders across the world desperately need executives prepared to face increased issues and opportunities facing the sector. Skill sets that worked in the past are no longer conducive to drive development and advance the global energy boom. Energy recruiters must find talent to meet the unparalleled expertise needed to ensure the future progression, stability, and growth of this emerging market. It is more imperative than ever to have leadership that secures the future of individual organization’s profits and global impact.

Challenges and Opportunities

The energy & industrial industry’s evolving and transforming landscape insists on executives to have quick problem-solving skills to match the rising issues. The ability to manage changing labor trends, fluctuating costs, intellectual property matters, and sourcing manufacturing locations are all key skills needed in energy executives. A deep understanding of government regulations in order to fully comply while simultaneously advancing the industry is particularly important to stay ahead of today’s changes. Energy & industrial companies face additional challenges in today’s market but with it comes great opportunities affecting technological advancement, globalization, geopolitical causes, and urbanization.

Driven by the growing global consciousness of global warming, trends towards alternative clean energy solutions continue to grow. Forward-thinking leadership is crucial to navigate sustainability and energy-efficient solutions. This industry has the ability to affect the future and global landscape of how consumers receive and use energy. During this industry-defining period, there is an outstanding need for executives to develop and advance successful strategies to fuel the productivity and sustainability of energy solutions.

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CFR’s Energy & Industrial Executive Search Recruiters

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CFR Global Executive Search specializes in finding the executive with specific characteristics to meet the changes and opportunities in the industry.

A crucial responsibility for this industry today is the investment in top-level talent to secure a lasting, proficient, and impactful future.

Our executive search firms for the energy & industrial industries find expert talent relevant in three main categories.

Oil and Gas Executive Recruiters

The petroleum industry operates not only by the development of new innovative strategies and technologies but is directly dependent on the executive leadership that plans the drilling projects, budgets, timelines, and necessary assets. CFR’s oil and gas executive search recruiters find the expert who can simultaneously manage the delegation of workflow while creatively expanding the capability, production, and value of the company.

Renewable Energy Executive Recruiters

The global shift towards renewable, sustainable, and efficient energy requires industry leaders to make decisions and solutions congruent to this rising trend. This impactful and booming sector needs the most knowledgeable leaders to provide innovative ideas and solutions to increase the capability and potential of the renewable energy industry. When executives are skillfully trained in carbon markets, energy storage, wind and solar energy, sustainability, and climate change, they have the ability to create teams with lasting intelligence to impact the future of energy.

Utilities Executive Recruiters

The utility sector today must increase new ideas and contemporary strategies with fresh talent to advance practices and remain competitive. Forward-thinking executives are needed to go beyond traditional practices to pave a lucrative, lasting, and valuable industry for the future. In order to remain relevant, executives must discover proficient solutions and develop modern execution strategies

Moving the Energy Industry Forward

CFR Global Executive Search’s energy industry recruiting process is well designed to meet the growing demands and changes affecting each sector of this industry. Similarly, our search process fluidly changes to ensure expert talent matches each new trend. Our unmatched local and global expertise allows us to find uniquely qualified candidates to incite lasting development, sustainability, growth, and stability to each role in the energy & industrial industry. Get in touch with us today to get started.


Stéphane Lehideux

Group Leader

Group Leader

With an academic background in Law and Business, Stephane began his career in strategy consulting before transitioning into a software editor. He joined an international key player in recruitment 25 years ago and eventually contributed to successfully managing the French subsidiary of big international headhunting firms. Stéphane formed a portfolio of big names in the energy and utilities industry, motivating him to take over industry leadership practices worldwide for several years.

Aside from being certified in various assessment and support tools, Stéphane is also a seasoned professional leading a group of executive recruiters in the energy industry. Using a bespoke approach, he plays an active role in leading our international network, CFR Global Executive Search, with outstanding dedication to each client, exhibiting the willingness to advise without compromise, proving he lends a listening ear when it comes to selected family businesses with long-standing ties and international search.