Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transport Executive Recruiters

Global shipping and logistics have become the everyday, which is why supply chain executive recruiters like those in the worldwide partnership at CFR Global Executive Search have to think on a massive scale. Getting enormous shipments across seas and coast to coast calls for careful planning and decision making that can only be carried out by industry experts – luckily, we can help you find them.

As modern supply chain services become more complicated, our group has to hunt for leaders capable of addressing such transport challenges as:

  • Security Risks

    Opening shipments up to a global scale also opens security vulnerabilities simultaneously. Leaders must know the risks and be able to predict them.

  • Market Growth

    The boom in online sales means constantly growing distribution networks and an increased need to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately no matter where they go.

  • Technology Expansion

    Part of modern logistics and supply chain management is adapting on-demand shipping technologies and specialized inventory management software to existing systems.

Companies who want to remain competitive need executives from logistics and supply chain search and recruiting firms who are capable of directing the use of technology in a worldwide logistics and shipping operation.

CFR Global Executive Search’s Approach to the Supply Chain and Logistics Industries

As a talent and consulting services leader among logistics and transportation recruiters, the CFR Global Executive Search approach is a constant evolution. We take a close look at the most rigorous problems that drive competition in logistics and seek the managers and executives who are fully prepared to address them.

Our logistics recruiters search for executives with the skills to:


In the world of logistics, a leader without an understanding of an existing underlying infrastructure can’t possibly make informed and helpful decisions. The executives and managers we select know the value of a thorough comprehension of systems in place before driving improvement strategies.


The experts in shipping and transport work on the streets; they have the know-how and hands-on experience to be able to communicate where the largest disconnects exist and suggest how they can be repaired. Thoughtful leaders take advantage of this knowledge.


Moving goods efficiently is as much art as it is science, but optimizing the science is the only way to get 100% out of the resources available to a company specializing in logistics. Our leaders plan based on knowledge of the company, its structure, and its immediate problems.


The execution is invaluable to success. Executive search firms in the supply chain and logistics industry must find candidates that operate without fear so that, when it comes time to implement their careful planning, the potential for improvement is unlimited.

Supply Chain Recruiters You Can Finally Count on

Executive supply chain recruiters always promise the best of the best – so how can you know when you’ll be receiving top-notch services? With CFR Global Executive Search, you never have to wonder. We apply our global guidelines and procedures to every custom-fit solution.

Plus, our value system is built on trust first. Respect is second only to trust; we respect your time and value your resources just as much as you do. That’s why each new search for the right executive pulls the full effort of our entire partnership.

When you count on our executive recruiters who specialize in the logistics and transport industries, you get the time and resources you’ve been needing to think on a strategic level – the rest you can leave to us. Get in touch with us today.