Board Directors & Chairs

It’s easy to underthink or overthink your board director & chair selection. Long-standing industry professionals are often eager to secure positions on boards, but they don’t always come with the characteristics that your board values most highly.

Ideal board members bring diplomacy, problem-solving passion, and profound professional knowledge to the table, but their coveted skills are a never-ending challenge to discover. Fortunately, CFR Global Executive Search’s global partnership and meticulously designed network allow you to gain access to search-firm-vetted board directors and members with the knowledge and attitude necessary for organizational growth.

Best-Fit Leaders Bring Success to You

It shouldn’t be the other way around; executive search firms should bring board members and directors to your table who share a genuine interest in learning and growing without stopping. CFR Global Executive Search seeks board members and chairs who:need for executives to develop and advance successful strategies to fuel the productivity and sustainability of energy solutions.


Lead Impartially and Objectively

Success in business depends on strategic thinking with a clear head that sees the bigger picture. Your board of directors needs to keep a level head daily to continue to develop their strategies.

Know and Believe in Organizational Goals

The board of directors holds ultimate responsibility for directing the activity of an organization, but it can’t ensure that things are well-run without an appreciation of the organization’s goals.

Create Actionable Strategies

Ideas have incredible potential to make positive changes, but to realize those ideas, competent leaders must turn them into actionable items to then implement into the structure of the organization they lead.

Board members and chairs must also uphold vision, values, and financial responsibility as the final voice of the organization and its activities. The scope of their authority is vast, so their competence must be of equal or greater scale.

Board of Directors Recruitment Begins with Trust

When our partner search firms seek candidates for boards of directors, we search across the globe for the talent who is hiding a world away. Our recruiters take a classic approach based on our core values that ensures we create a person-to-person connection with the potential board members you seek.

CFR Global Executive Search’s firms entreat board
of director candidates through:


Each search for a new candidate considers the criteria set forth by our clients and filtered by the expertise of our recruiters. We don’t just find board members and chairs; we find board members and chairs for your organization.


By operating in countries around the world and connecting our offices with local- and global-level talent, we can offer the same at home local care with the power of a worldwide network. It’s a think global, act local attitude that allows us to recruit with a personal touch.

Continually Evolving Search Methodology

We embrace technology and communicate partner-to-partner to ensure that our search methodology is consistently ahead of other executive recruiters. The most advanced search methodology comes from the constant state of evolution characteristic of CFR Global Executive Search partners.