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Construction & Infrastructure

Construction & Infrastructure Industry Executive Recruitment

The construction industry affects many aspects of our lives – from the buildings we work in to the roads we drive on. This remarkable industry provides the infrastructure necessary for personal and commercial daily activities that encompass a city’s economy. This results in a need for executives who can manage projects, budgets, and deadlines effectively in this line of work. The primary goal is to find the most talented executives with up-to-date strategies to train teams for lasting growth and productivity plus financial stability.

Construction Challenges

The construction and infrastructure industry is the backbone that fuels our commerce shapes our skylines, allows for centers of learning and work, and creates transportation networks. However, a challenge being faced in this industry today is labor shortages and the lack of people with the proper skillsets to fuel rapid development. Rising material and labor costs, a lack of skilled workers, increased competition, and decreasing profit margins are all issues this industry is facing.

Growth in labor productivity and skills is needed to become more efficient in the construction and infrastructure industry. While other industries advance with time, construction tends to become less efficient. With most techniques and building methods the same as they were in the last decade, it is increasingly important to fill leadership roles with creative, innovative, and inventive managers. The industry demands appropriate skills and talent that will strategically advance its development. There’s a call for an immediate impact on added-value solutions while contributing to long-term progress and prosperity.

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The central problem faced by the construction industry is its inability to attract enough qualified talent to meet the growing demands.

Therefore, it is imperative that construction headhunters find expert talent to fill open jobs. Construction recruiters must put the most qualified people in executive roles to ensure they boost productivity while simultaneously attracting and training a new generation of workers.

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CFR’s Executive Search in
Recruiting Construction Leaders

The future and profitability of the construction and infrastructure industry depend on the various company’s capacities to develop and grow. CFR optimizes its human resources by hiring executives with instinctual problem-solving skills and innovative ideas. CFR Global Executive Search knows the expertise needed to excel in every aspect of each industry, most significantly in construction.

Finding uniquely-qualified candidates to excel in the industry at every level, our construction recruiters look for executives with the following skills:


Experienced construction authority and fresh ideas are essential to improve building techniques and implement high-yielding solutions. With new technology, and increased data and analytical insights, it is imperative for leaders in the industry to keep up with technological advancements to stay competitive. Technology’s ability to revolutionize the way projects and buildings are designed, constructed, and operated, demands leadership with the intelligence to advance traditional practices.

Evolve and Expand Techniques

With infrastructure today consisting of larger and more complex projects, it’s necessary for executives to develop new processes of execution to maximize productivity. With local and state regulations growing and public funding shrinking, new solutions are needed to streamline financing sources and regularize operation processes. Strategic, goal-orientated leaders with innovative plans of action for development are vital to the industry’s growth and prosperity.

Thrive to Meet Maximum Potential

The best leaders are teachers with the ability to pass on knowledge and drive the progression of skillfully trained employees at every level of the organization. In an industry where those with proper skill sets are lacking in number, a knowledgeable leader is needed who can spread expertise while encouraging, motivating, and engaging teams.

Attracting and Hiring Top-Level Talent

As the demand grows for skilled construction managers, you can’t wait to hire or train an executive. Take charge and let CFR Global Executive Search find you the construction experts your company needs to grow profits and overall value. Our highly tailored search team is dedicated to bringing you a uniquely-qualified candidate ready to deliver exceptional results every time. CFR knows the insides of the industry and is educated on the necessities to grow each job category.

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Industry-Specific Knowledge

Our commercial construction recruiters know that specific, industry-trained executives are the best way to ensure a future with a knowledgeable pipeline of employees trained to grow value production and the industry’s talent pool simultaneously.
In an industry that is lacking competent workers, trust CFR Global Executive Search to bring highly trained candidates with industry-specific knowledge who are eager to grow and produce sustainable and profitable results.

Worldwide Network with Local Focus

The reach of our global network of recruiting firms across the world enables us to fill positions with skilled executives on any continent. Clients receive our personalized approach and local knowledge while benefiting from a global network.

Diligent Search for Excellent Results

CFR Global Executive Search uses state-of-the-art search methodology to determine the best and most qualified candidate for each open position. We know how to find the executive with the specific abilities to increase the success of your company.

Transforming the Acquisition Process:

Finding Construction Executives with CFR Global Search

CFR Global Executive Search understands the challenges construction and infrastructure face and knows the type of talent it will take to excel in this industry. Trust our unmatched global knowledge and refined local expertise to bring top-level talent prepared to drive development to advance the industry. Our recruiters for construction and infrastructure have the power to transform your company and the industry by placing strategically qualified candidates in executive positions. Contact us today to get started.


Maurice Gorinssen

Group Leader

Group Leader

Maurice is a managing consultant at IZTU Talent Recruitment, based in Belgium.
Before launching his career in Executive Search, Maurice worked for 20 years as a COO/director in family-owned companies and employers’ associations. This helped him to obtain a broad insight into leadership in different types of companies and organizations. Maurice has also been an HR consultant and lead assessor for 12 years. He has gained valuable proficiency from this experience, which makes him a trusted partner.

Having a degree in Economics and Marketing combined with his expertise and knowledge of the construction industry, he is the perfect liaison between the employer and employee. Maurice’s focus is on facilitating long-term relationships where he helps clients to navigate talent acquisition challenges and candidates throughout their career journeys.

Together with the members of the CFR Construction Group, he provides valuable insights and guidance on the specific market trends and best practices for attracting and retaining top-level talent.