CPG, Retail, and Luxury Executive Search

The consumer packaged goods and retail industries generate enormous profit worldwide, pumping large sums of money down to other industries. It’s a multifaceted industry requiring fierce leadership for successful and lucrative outcomes. An ever-changing market benefits from inventive leaders who can drive strategies forward by reinventing brands, company culture, and much more.

Great leaders for executive roles are increasingly hard to find and hiring has become a full-time job itself – why not let CFR Global Executive Search do the work for you? As an executive search firm with experience in the retail, luxury, and fashion industries, we understand the qualities you look for in exceptional leaders. By partnering with CFR Global Executive Search, you can count on our network of global executive retail and CPG recruiters to find the best-of-the-best to leverage company success.

To help companies maintain and grow their presence in retail markets, we rely on our group of executive corporate retail recruiters to source top-level talent. Consumer goods recruiters work tirelessly to find successful candidates who:

  • Understand Global Economies

    Foreign retailers rely on executive search firms in the retail industry to find managers and executives who are sensitive to their culture and business practices. Candidates are vetted for their knowledge of international merchandising and business acumen to determine if they can leverage success on a global level while respecting the needs of foreign management.

  • Know How Retail Works

    Our consumer products recruiting specialists make long-term marriage between executives and retailers by sourcing candidates who are well versed in the retail industry. The right executives operate in a dynamic economy with an understanding of global trends and have connections to other professional retailers.

  • Have Fierce Leadership Skills

    The most successful brands have to meet their competitors with ferocity and ingenuity. Their leaders have to do the same. Our recruiters specialize in finding confident leaders who know how to operate ever-changing and sophisticated retail markets.

Hand-Picked Skilled Professionals Who Play to Their Strengths

CFR Global Executive Search Goes Above and Beyond

Finding qualified candidates is only possible with effective search systems. Since 1997, we’ve carefully grown our alliance of recruiters to help companies around the world find the leadership they need to fuel success. With an esteemed network of search firms to call upon, we have access to highly experienced and specialized recruiters around the world.

Our retail and consumer packaged goods headhunters abide by global standards and procedures to find exceptional candidates by:

Understanding Needs

The process begins by gaining an in-depth understanding of the client’s needs so new leadership accurately reflects company goals and initiatives. For example, if retailers need technology-minded leaders, recruiters find executives who can push business forward through emerging digital realms.

Customizing Searches

Recruiters specialize in niche industries, and the search for new managers and executives is uniquely tailored to specific retail markets. Confidential searches ensure a smooth transition when employees and competitors shouldn’t be informed of structural changes.

Interviewing for Competence

There are many reasons why retailers require new leadership. Whatever those reasons may be, we ensure candidates are highly qualified for executive positions that require knowledge of industry trends and changing market economies.

Following Up

Our services don’t end after new executives are placed in retail positions. Recruiters follow up with management to ensure leaders meet the necessary company standards.

This Is Why You Can Trust CFR Global Executive Search

We believe your trust is our motivation because we know our alliance of retail and CPG executive search experts is only as strong as the relationships we build with clients. By delivering what we promise, we develop strong partnerships with successful and highly profitable retail companies around the world.

We’re committed to delivering solutions that work for your company, ensuring new executives leverage success through innovative strategies and fiercely competitive leadership. Our executive retail recruiters only promise the best talent for your business endeavors. Get in touch with us today to get started.