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Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap at driving innovations, with business landscapes changing faster than ever before. It is both a change and learning mechanism that utilizes resources to achieve goals, with skilled information technology experts leading front and center. This method drives innovation by leveraging technology to the fullest and optimizes the processes.

To thrive in this new digital landscape, businesses need to adopt a customer-centric mindset and embrace new technologies that enable them to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. It calls for a versatile attitude open to experimentation, iteration, and pivoting as necessary to stay one step ahead of the competition, especially in the search for highly-qualified IT leaders. Long-term success will ultimately go to the companies that can adapt to and prosper in this new digital world.

CFR Global Executive Search
Approach to the Information
Technology Industry

CFR Global Executive Search is an executive search firm with IT recruiters around the world sourcing top-level talent for corporations and organizations alike. Our alliance of global IT executive search experts is experienced in finding IT executive candidates who keep abreast of the latest industry trends. Recruiters find leaders who easily step into demanding roles and leverage company success with prowess and ingenuity.

While conducting searches, recruiters find IT professionals well-equipped to address issues in the industry, such as:

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Cybersecurity Management

To detect and prevent threats, IT leaders implement behavior-based techniques that address the need for heightened data security and system contingencies. This helps prevent unauthorized authorities from opening wrong emails, illegally accessing and disclosing secure information, or causing any kind of security breaches and infringement of data protection and privacy.

IT Expansion Strategies

IT leaders expertly analyze available data and show this information’s real impact on company success. Key performance and business profitability IT metrics are clearly outlined and confidently examined, allowing board members to allocate resources strategically and maximize digital and technological growth.

Data Process Automation

Gaining a competitive IT edge is possible with value stream-based funding models and continued business strategy surrounding growth in evolving technological landscapes. Qualified talents lead IT teams to take steps towards company-wide automation processes, including updating outdated technology, cloud solutions, and data migration.

Successful candidates are well-informed, updated, and ready to take on challenges relating to the future of IT. With their knowledge and experience, they must seamlessly lead company initiatives to inspire success and create income-generating outcomes. CFR Global Executive Search finds these candidates for you.

Obtain Fast Results with Reliable Executive IT Recruiters You Can Count On

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Our IT hiring experts at CFR Global Executive Search are top-quality and highly skilled at finding exceptional leaders when and where you need them, sourcing the best talents around the world. This results in IT professionals being placed in executive roles after being vetted for their exemplary work experience.

When searching for exceptional candidates, our IT executive recruiters look for leaders who can:


IT candidates who know their leadership styles and are comfortable presenting organizational initiatives will have an automatic advantage over those who don’t. Knowing when to adapt based on departmental technological demands is critical. Leaders must also be able to develop strong IT teams and surround themselves with professionals who bring more to the table and deliver consistently.


Creative ideas are turned into tangible products – IT leaders oversee this phenomenon and devise plans to make it happen. They understand strategy at the ground level and guide teams through developmental processes. At the same time, IT executives incorporate the latest technical changes into current projects to maintain a competitive leading edge worldwide.


Outstanding leaders talk about their successes so others might get to know them. Updating company tech stacks and databases increase user satisfaction and efficiency, but it will not matter if the information is never disseminated. The right IT executives should have the technical skills to develop and manage impressive products and services and know how to market and promote them.

IT Recruiting Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our network of IT executive recruiters uses industry-specific knowledge to find leaders well-suited to IT and digital roles for organizations worldwide. We recruit across all industries by finding exceptional leaders in various fields. Trust that our dedicated IT executive search experts at CFR Global Executive Search will source the best candidates for your unique needs.

Our headhunting approach, which uses traditional methodologies along with our worldwide connections and state-of-the-art search strategies, gives us a unique advantage and sets us apart from our competitors. We think globally and act locally, seizing every opportunity to find the right IT candidate for your business.s.


Jasmine Haria

Group Leader

Group Leader

Jasmine works across 11 different Asian nations, providing her with a competitive edge as a strong IT executive recruitment search partner. She helps organizations find the right leader at the right time for each specific business environment across the continent. She is a high-achieving, strategic Senior Executive Search Partner for Nuway CFR Pte. Ltd., Singapore, with nearly 25 years of experience in Business, Recruitment, and Executive Search in the IT & Digital industries.

Jasmine profoundly understands the digital and technology landscape, offering profuse value to companies’ demands of acquiring top talent in the region, including emerging technologies, trends, and best practices. Her up-to-date knowledge of the latest developments guides her in identifying candidates who can drive digital transformation and business success.

Jasmine uses her background to maintain leverage of Asia’s intricacies and ingenuity. Her expertise, wide network of contacts, exposure to markets, cultures, and macroeconomics, and connections with top prospects in the region helps her in heading IT executive recruiters and as the CFR Global Executive Search Regional Director of Asia.