Challenges Construction Management Recruiters Face

The construction industry is instrumental to everyday lives and affects many aspects from the building you work in, to the road you drive on. This monumental industry is ingrained throughout daily activities and consequently needs an executive who can manage projects, budgets, and deadlines effectively. Rising material and labor costs, a lack of skilled workers, increased competition, and decreasing profit margins are all issues this industry is facing.

The paramount problem facing the construction industry is not attracting enough qualified talent to meet the growing demands. Therefore, it is imperative that construction headhunters find expert talent to fill open jobs. Construction recruiters must put the most qualified people in executive roles to ensure they boost productivity while simultaneously attracting and training a new generation of workers.

How to Attract Top-Level Talent

CFR Global Executive Search knows the construction industry’s unique challenges and finds the executives best equipped to tackle them. Headhunters for the construction industry must be dedicated to finding a candidate with both practical, technical skills and a hunger to learn and grow within this evolving field.

We understand the equal balance of skill and personality it takes to be successful in construction management and look for executives with traits including:


The best construction project managers are able to interpret project details and break them into easy-to-complete tasks for the entire team. The ability to communicate effectively throughout a project allows for a common goal, creating a strong relationship between workers and managers to accomplish it.

Ability to Delegate Tasks

Construction projects are not a one-person job and involve many moving parts, duties, tasks, and timelines. The construction manager needs to be able to assign tasks to different workers based on their specific capabilities and specialized skills to maximize productivity.

Knowledge to Prioritize

Construction assignments are often complex processes that require the intelligence to assess the project’s status and prioritize the order tasks and activities are accomplished. An effective executive must be able to strategize a work schedule and make sure the plan is executed timely.


An entire team is needed to complete most large-scale construction projects. A good project manager knows this and integrates teamwork into processes to ensure that the job site operates with collaboration and cooperation in mind.

The construction industries lack of workers warrants the need for a well-rounded leader with the attitude to lead, train, and meet goals. The future of this industry depends on the ability of its leaders to take charge, prioritize tasks to workers skills, and train a new generation to add value for years to come. CFR Global Executive Search knows how to find the executives determined to develop and grow your company’s construction goals.

Recruiting Confident Construction Leaders

CFR Global Executive Search has extensive knowledge of the construction industry to know how and where to find an executive that can transform your company. We strive to continually grow this industry by placing high-quality construction executives in leadership roles they are prepared to develop. Our executive construction headhunters find and retain talent by our industry-leading approach:

Industry-Specific Knowledge

Our construction executive search team knows the insides of the industry and is educated on the specific skills necessary to grow each job category. In an industry that is lacking competent workers, trust CFR Global Executive Search to bring highly trained candidates with industry-specific knowledge that are eager to grow and produce sustainable and profitable results.

Worldwide Network, Local Focus

The reach of our global network of recruiting firms across the world enables us to fill positions with skilled executives on any continent. Clients receive our personalized approach and local knowledge while benefiting from a global network.

Search Diligently

CFR Global Executive Search uses state-of-the-art search methodology to determine the best and most qualified candidate for each open position. We know how to find the executive with the specific abilities to increase the success of your company.


Hire Top Talent with CFR Global Executive Search

As the demand grows for skilled construction managers, you can’t wait to hire or train an executive. Take charge and let CFR Global Executive Search find you the construction expert your company needs to grow profits and value. Our highly-tailored search team is dedicated to bringing you a uniquely-qualified candidate ready to deliver exceptional results every time. Contact us today to get started.