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Traditional Headhunting vs AI Headhunting

It was a watershed moment when traditional headhunting practices changed standard recruitment procedures. Headhunting replaced a reactive process that attempted to match individual candidates to as many positions as possible with one that shifted the focus to matching highly-specific skill sets to find the most appropriate candidate for a specific position with a specific company.…

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How Does Digitization Impact HR And Recruitment?

Technology has revolutionized the world in the past two decades and the increasingly digital world is fusing with our material reality fast – impacting every aspect of our lives, prominent industries, businesses across all niches and a lot more. During a recent study, two-thirds of global business leaders expressed concerns that if they didn’t digitize…

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Recruiting Millennials for Top Management Positions

Recruiting millennials for the top management positions

Millennials in the workplace were once considered disruptors because they questioned traditional ways of doing business. However, the tide is turning as the Baby Boomer generation retires and hiring millennials for top management roles becomes the norm. The commonly held myths, that millennials have no loyalty, no work ethic, an entitled attitude, and no respect…

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