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CEO Recruitment Insights
with David Hollander

What I look for in a CEO, when recruiting The requirements for every Chief Executive are very different according to the type of entity, where the entity is at in its life cycle, the challenges or otherwise that it is facing, and the skills and experience required by the Board or hiring entity. Outside of…

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How to Improve Your Chances of Success in a Job Interview

As a consultant specialized in recruiting top executives and middle managers, my job basically consists of presenting my client company with an adequate number of candidates capable of successfully facing the challenges and demands of a vacant position in their organization. After contacting a potential candidate and discussing with him/her the interest of the position…

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Succession Planning

With a backdrop of skills shortages particularly at leadership and business critical roles such a technical experts succession planning is now more important than ever. This art focuses on identifying and growing talent to fill future positions seamlessly. This article will look at approaches to succession planning as well how it’s changed. It explores the…

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Strong boards result to strong companies

The board of directors is the highest governing body that determines the medium and long-term direction of companies. It determines the vision of the company, creates its strategies and oversees the execution. As the highest decision maker; the mission of the board of directors is to lead the company proactively, to create continuous and lasting…

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Your Guide to Completing a Digital Interviews

As a result of working amidst a global pandemic, the world of recruitment has changed in many ways.  One area that has had to adapt in order to keep industry moving is the way the recruitment of new staff is undertaken. Yes – the information provided by applicants within their Cover Letter and CV /…

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