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IAAS, “Intel as a Service”

2020, you probably recognize it! The Covid19 scare was serious and led to a ‘cramp’ of unprecedented magnitude. The pendulum movement of our economic clock suddenly came to a halt. The focus in many organizations shifted to keeping the business afloat and planned investments and expansions were put on hold. And now the economy is…

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Not Another Nine Box Grid Exercise

All our clients want us to help them find the “ideal” candidate for their organization but understanding what is ideal or what perfect “fit” really means is easier said than done.  Over the years, as a way to ensure we isolate what fit means for a particular role, we’ve developed a proprietary selection model that…

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To headhunt, to be headhunted or TO STAY?

The lack of talent and especially top talent in various fields is a reality in all markets. Therefore, my job is to help detect and attract top talent for progressively minded top companies. I love to participate as “the bridge”.  I found my very own “Simon Sinek’s WHY” decades ago when I started out in…

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Artificial Intelligence in recruitment

Recruiting teams should consider the advantages of AI tools that support the sourcing, screening and hiring of candidates in order to create a more efficient talent acquisition process – especially for highly standardized job profiles. Screening resumes and CV’s and identifying talents from a large candidate pool is one of the main challenges of recruiters…

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Employer branding

Employer branding seems to be the buzz-word of the decade. But what exactly is employer branding, and why is it important? In this article, we answer those questions and show why employer branding is more than just a new trend: it is essential to attract and retain the talent your company needs in this competitive…

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The Great Resignation: Domino Effect or a Great Opportunity

Post pandemic, we are in the middle of the so-called ‘The Great Resignation’ which has led to an unexpected shift in the workplace with the mass exodus of workers, that has left everyone scratching their heads. After a year filled with shutdowns, economic uncertainty and record-breaking unemployment levels, a massive change took place that no…

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