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On folk tales and their wisdom

Author: Marjana Lavrič Šulman, CFR Global Executive Search Slovenia ‘Wheat, the most beautiful flower’ is the title of a Slovenian folk tale. For all of you who don’t know it, a quick summary, the rest of you, please, skip to the third paragraph 🙂 – Once upon a time, in some far away country, the…

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After Layoffs Outplacement Supports Your Employer Brand

How to be a responsible employer and stay in a positive relationship with an employee who needs to be dismissed due to many factors, almost certainly not the fault of the employee? The key word is outplacement. This is the process of transferring talent from one employer to another company, in line with their professional…

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Top Reasons To Use An Executive Search Firm

Hiring an executive search firm is probably the best way to ensure you have a competent pool of professionals working at your company. The firms can help hire top-notch talent by carefully shortlisting professionals for a job. A bad hire – that too on a crucial post – can be a recipe for disaster for…

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Online Education Vs. Traditional Education In HR

E-learning or online education has becoming quite popular in the corporate world, as more and more companies now offer online courses to train employees. Despite the popularity, employees are often skeptical of the approach. They feel traditional methods of learning offer a one-on-one experience and can help grasp concepts better. If you are trying to…

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Co-development workshops – the practice of collective intelligence

Co development workshops

Article written by Veronique Denant – CFR Global Executive Search France. Co-development workshops are an excellent tool to help an individual to develop professional practice and find solutions.  At the same time, they can benefit the whole organization by building a spirit of solidarity between employees, promoting collaboration and enabling empowerment. A client recently asked…

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A Guide To Organizational Culture For Modern Businesses

The culture of an organization is its unique personality and it has a considerable impact on the morale of its employees and eventually, the success of the company itself. Without a strong culture, organizations find it very difficult to help their employees realize their full potential. While every company will have different elements and set…

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