HR Tech Trends: update

Here you can find the latest trends in HR tech solutions.  Seems like HR tech is moving but not as fast as other areas such as marketing and finance. According to you, what is the reason for this slowness and which are the best tech solution implemented?

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10 HR Trends

Which are the most important HR Trends for 2017? Here you can find an interesting infographic that identifies the top 10. Have these trends already impacted your company?

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This is how older managers judge younger managers

From Susanna Sailer Trescon study: Openness and internationality of the young people is appreciated, but not a lower awareness of performance. How do our young managers really tick? This question is the subject of a study, the results of which were presented last Thursday by Trescon, a recruitment consultancy based in Linz. Under the title…

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HR Technology Trends for 2018

The end of 2017 is fast approaching, and HR experts are doing a lot of soul-searching about new trends for the coming year. It seems that 2018 is all about technology, no matter whether you’re an HR specialist looking for better ways to keep and engage with employees or a recruiter trying to find, attract…

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