Renewable Energy Trends

renewable energy trends

The recent trend toward renewable and sustainable energy sources is changing the way we power our lives and businesses. New technology and efficiency initiatives are making clean energy more attainable and cost-effective. Because of the benefits of renewable energy, over 50% of power sources are expected to be renewable within the next 15 years. The…

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How the Recruiting Industry Is Harnessing AI

AI and Recruiting Industry

There is only one resource that ultimately can’t be recovered: that resource is time. The old adage “time is money” has never been truer than it is in a business climate where instantaneous communication has raised productivity expectations to unprecedented levels. Productivity still comes from people, but our computer companions may be the key to…

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HR Tech Trends: update

Here you can find the latest trends in HR tech solutions.  Seems like HR tech is moving but not as fast as other areas such as marketing and finance. According to you, what is the reason for this slowness and which are the best tech solution implemented?

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10 HR Trends

Which are the most important HR Trends for 2017? Here you can find an interesting infographic that identifies the top 10. Have these trends already impacted your company?

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