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The most successful businesses depend on talented leaders to oversee productivity and growth. As an esteemed recruiting firm, CFR Global Executive Search’s job consultants help businesses improve organizational and financial strategy by recruiting top-level talent for C-Suite positions. By connecting businesses with the right people, companies realize their full potential and are better equipped to compete in a global economy.

Since 1997, we’ve been in the business of delivering top-level performers to businesses in a variety of industries. We rely on our global network to quickly find qualified leaders. With the help of an executive job search firm, long-term value is added in the form of improved strategy, organizational development, and profit. Leveraging the right resources makes all the difference – and this is where we help.


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Securing top-level talent ensures business runs smoothly at every level. We understand good leadership is not good enough, and we work tirelessly to find senior candidates who bring more to the table than their competitors. Experience, ingenuity, and superb leadership skills are qualities we require from executives and directors.

Clients trust us to find the right people for their unique line of work, and with a global network at our disposal, we quickly fill the following executive search jobs.

Functional Areas

Board Directors & Chairs

Through customized search solutions, we find the best minds to fill board director positions. These industry leaders are vetted to determine their levels of specialization and leadership ability. Once in place, board members implement new strategies that yield success at every level in all departments by providing oversight and organizational strategy.

Chief Executives

These leaders are selected for their strategic insight and ability to align short and longterm goals with company values. We compare qualified candidates to best-in-class CEOs, ensuring clients succeed under the guidance of an especially qualified and competitive leader.

Sales & Marketing

Buyer behavior is changing. We source marketing and sales leaders who can guide teams through transformations aimed at sustainable and profitable growth. Directors are vetted to determine their expertise and ability to effectively communicate and deliver to a wide range of audiences inside and outside the office.

Finance & Accounting

Financial officers are key players in growing business and managing change and, for this reason, are considered for their financial skills, experience with mergers and acquisitions, investor relations, risk management, and so much more. Only the best financial officers are considered by leveraging industry coverage and networking with high-value CFOs currently operating in the field.


IT officers oversee the strategic development of technological systems as they relate to corporate goals. By keeping abreast with the latest developments, they allow a company to maintain a competitive edge. Having a strong executive job search firm on your side helps businesses like yours find tech experts and help to design IT organizations that allow for more opportunity and growth.

Human Resources

Positive change starts with hiring the right employees. We consider HR directors for their ability to pool the best talent, hiring professionals who are forward-thinking and who fit corporate culture.

Legal, Regulatory, & Compliance

We attract the best general counsel, compliance officers, and legal leaders to ensure organizations stay protected and opportunities can be seized. Legal professionals are considered for their experience in risk management, global regulations, and managing intellectual property.


Thoroughly oversee your production process with our customized search solutions. From planning to coordination and supervision, choosing the right candidates helps keep your production management at its highest quality standard. Enable your organization to stay on top of your competitors when it comes to research and development, supply chain, and efficient production technology.

Communications & Public Affairs

Advance your organization’s mission with skilled communications and public affairs professionals. Our executive job consultants leverage their extensive network to source PR officials who anticipate challenges and strategically develop narratives in tune with company values.

It’s Different Because It’s Us

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Securing company success starts with hiring the right people. CRF Global Executive Search helps source executives and directors who are impressively qualified, experienced, and forward thinking. Trust our executive search job consultants to find the best leaders to meet and exceed your company’s unique vision and goals.