CFR Canada

CFR Canada – PIXCELL Leaders recruiting Leaders As elite recruiters, we know that you are looking to hire and retain executives who can fully address your business challenges. But we also know that you face challenges, including lack of internal resources, needing to fill positions urgently, confidentiality requirements and limited access to international candidates. Whether…

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CFR Mexico

CFR Mexico – LYCANS Group CFR Mexico City / LYCANS Group is a Retained Executive Search, Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant firm, established in México in 2008, focused on providing our clients with integral solutions to incorporate, develop, and retain the best and most competitive executive talent. We work with different domestic companies in searching for…

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CFR USA – Omni Executive Search Omni Executive Search was founded in 2013 by Carl Denny, as an offshoot of his overseas executive search businesses in the Middle East and Asia. Omni specializes in finding strategic talent for its clients’ operations in the US and abroad using a research-based approach to identify the most relevant…

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