Annual World Conference of Business Women in Madrid
(IWEC 15th Annual Conference)

These last few days I have had the incredible opportunity to attend the annual Conference of the IWEC Foundation (International Women Entrepreneurial Challenge) that has taken place on the IESE campus in Madrid.

The theme of the 2022 conference has been: “Connecting Women’s Businesses Globally: The Transformative Power of Women in Business”.

IWEC Foundation´s mission is to enable and develop a global international network to advance women’s business empowerment. The network is present in 47 countries, the shared annual turnover of the member companies is in excess of 41 billion dollars and they employ more than 295.000 people worldwide. The participants in this annual conference, women entrepreneurs, and business owners from all over the world, combine their knowledge and strengths through a robust, yet agile, network that allows them to share concerns and initiatives for mutual professional enrichment, and empowers them to overcome challenges and discover (and in many cases share) new business opportunities worldwide.

Attending the IWEC Foundation´s event, at the invitation of IESE, has been an unexpected and most rewarding experience.   I´ve been more than impressed by the energy, creativity, passion, and leadership that these women entrepreneurs, from more than 40 countries, bring into their life and their work. I could witness everyone´s illusion for carrying out entrepreneurial projects that, in many cases, are a fundamental value-adding contribution to the communities from which they come.

After two days of attending their meetings, participating in their discussions, but mostly listening and sharing their ideas and concerns, I came away with a real shot of optimism (and lots of amazing ideas for new business opportunities!). As a matter of fact, CFR Global Search network could very well play a crucial supporting role in these entrepreneurs´ efforts to recruit the talent their companies need to thrive in all corners of the world…

Many thanks to IESE for inviting me to this event. I have found it very enriching and inspirational. As always, IESE´s hospitality organization was outstanding!

Article written by Carlos Camara, CFR Global Executive Search Spain

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