Executive Search

Past behaviour is a great predictor of future behaviour

Perfect prediction has long been the Holy Grail or magic ingredient which Search Consultants have always been hunting for. Many Occupational Psychologists make a good living out of deploying Personality & Critical Reasoning Assessments to help in this prediction challenge.  Indeed, there is no doubt that these measures do bring valuable information to inform decision-making…

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Green Recruiting

Green Recruiting – the sustainable design of personnel management The abandonment of plastic bags and the increase in electric cars show that sustainability has already arrived in various areas. Are you wondering what this has to do with recruiting? Actually quite a bit, as you will discover in the following blog post! Awareness and interest…

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*Swedish expression for letting the cows out on the fields after a long winter inside. My inspiration for this article is from Henrik Mitelman, Columnist Dagens Industri and independent economist/consultant/speaker at key events on macro/financial trends. 2021 In 2021 we probably want to do all the things we couldn´t do 2020. We underestimate the power…

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COVID-19 New Zealand a year on

Full Lockdown 12 months ago, today our Prime Minister announced to the Country that we were going into a seven-week Alert Level 4 (full Lockdown).  This was one of the earliest and fastest full lockdowns in the world and meant that our world had to change immediately.  It was a very clever and effective strategy…

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Diversity Recruitment – How to diversify your candidate pool

Workforce diversity is strongly accelerating on a global scale and diversity will conceivably be the epitome of the complex knowledge society of the 21st century. The positive connotation of diversity can be based on a discernment of differences as enrichment and gain guided by the social justice premise that a respectful interaction with individual differences…

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Hiring in the time of Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic jeopardized our health, security and economy without warning. And, as one of many steps to protect ourselves from this common enemy, a remote workplace has become the new normal all over the world. For HR professionals, the process of finding the right person for our vacancies changed overnight. Not only are existing…

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