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Working in New Zealand in the COVID-19 environment

New Zealand continues to perform well in the on-going COVID-19 environment.  Our vaccination programme is rolling along and although it is a slower process than many around the globe, we are in the fortunate position of still having no active cases inside our boarders.  We are getting many enquiries from people overseas wanting to come…

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Motivation for job change under pandemic circumstances

Working in pandemic circumstances has become our “new normality” hence HR departments have been forced to adapt their way of working and thinking accordingly. A logical question arises: what about candidates? How do they manage to adapt to change? Are they sufficiently motivated and ready to change job in this stressful period? Need for security…

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Reference checks could be worthless and even dangerous if superficial and inadequately performed but extremely valuable if done properly following good preparation! The use of reference checks is becoming more widespread.  It can be a worthwhile extra tool to use when making hiring decisions, particularly for critical appointments at a senior level. Remember that reference…

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Labor market in the Czech Republic

The labor market in the Czech Republic and other countries has changed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As elsewhere, mistakes can be good if we learn from them! Labor market before Covid-19 pandemic The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic reached in a long-term 2%. The labor market was oversaturated and finding suitable employees became…

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Past behaviour is a great predictor of future behaviour

Perfect prediction has long been the Holy Grail or magic ingredient which Search Consultants have always been hunting for. Many Occupational Psychologists make a good living out of deploying Personality & Critical Reasoning Assessments to help in this prediction challenge.  Indeed, there is no doubt that these measures do bring valuable information to inform decision-making…

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Green Recruiting

Green Recruiting – the sustainable design of personnel management The abandonment of plastic bags and the increase in electric cars show that sustainability has already arrived in various areas. Are you wondering what this has to do with recruiting? Actually quite a bit, as you will discover in the following blog post! Awareness and interest…

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