Executive Search

How to choose the right executive search partner

executive search

What can an executive search partner do that you can’t? Executive searches are all about locating elite, specialised profiles. And that specialisation implies much fiercer competition when it comes to recruiting. Consequently, recruiters face a three-fold challenge, i.e. knowing where the talent is, connecting with the prospect, and persuading them to sign on. That’s the…

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War for talent

Many companies, during the pandemic, did not know what the future would bring.  They acted with caution and stopped the recruitment and hiring processes all together.  However, the pandemic did not affect all industries on the same level. Some industries were impacted more and some less, and others experienced even better results than the previous/non-pandemic…

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What do the following jobs have in common? The CEO of Lotus Sports Cars A Scottish Island Whisky Distillery Manager The Director of Fundraising for a Cathedral A Chief Operating Officer for a Private Equity Bank At first glance of course, the answer is “nothing” but in reality, these are all jobs into which we…

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After covid-19:
Will (partial) work from home remain?

In the beginning of 2020, the government of The Netherlands suggested work from home whenever possible and that was the case for about 50% of people. Working remotely had a positive effect on the number of infections and therefore (serious) illnesses. There were fewer physical contacts when traveling to and from work and of course,…

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Working in New Zealand in the COVID-19 environment

New Zealand continues to perform well in the on-going COVID-19 environment.  Our vaccination programme is rolling along and although it is a slower process than many around the globe, we are in the fortunate position of still having no active cases inside our boarders.  We are getting many enquiries from people overseas wanting to come…

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