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How CFR helps to increase CSR

CSR has been one of the most important issues on the agenda of management boards of companies all over the world during the last years. The reason? Companies simply can’t afford themselves to continue to focus on profit without taking personnel and the environment into account. Engagement of candidates is one of the key factors…

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Not just IQ and OPQ but EQ too

  Along with Personality Profiles, assessments of verbal and numerical applied intelligence have long been included in the armoury of those making decisions about who to choose when filling key vacancies. Although the subject prompts hearty debate amongst both supporters and detractors of such techniques, there is plenty of research based evidence which supports the…

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Euromex case – A new type of leadership

A new type of leadership   Euromex is a specialist legal aid insurer that provides legal aid to its clients. It’s true that the insurance sector has remained a rather stable sector, but social evolutions definitely have an impact on them, and this is also where the changes are happening faster and faster. Insurers are…

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Véronique Denant interviews Mr. Jean-Claude Cochard

Véronique Denant, Partner in the French CFR Member Alphée, is also the CFR Practice Leader for Construction & Building Projects Industry. She has an extensive experience in assignments for public works and construction material companies, urban planners, real estate asset managers and main control organizations. As part of her daily work, Veronique relates with top executives in…

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