Véronique Denant interviews Mr. Jean-Claude Cochard

Véronique Denant, Partner in the French CFR Member Alphée, is also the CFR Practice Leader for Construction & Building Projects Industry. She has an extensive experience in assignments for public works and construction material companies, urban planners, real estate asset managers and main control organizations.

As part of her daily work, Veronique relates with top executives in the field. She recently interviewed Mr. Jean-Claude Cochard, the Managing Director of the French subsidiary of Jordahl H-Bau.

Could you describe us your company?

We are a small-sized sales subsidiary of 11 people. Our turnover is 5 M€. We represent in France 3 mother companies named Jordahl, H-Bau and Pfeifer. We are specialized in building and civil engineering.

We focus on major investments and develop industrial cooperation with industrial companies, prefabricating building construction elements.

Our target is to achieve 10M€ until 2020.


What is your job position?

I am the Managing Director of the French subsidiary.


What is your position in the market?

We are a strong market challenger competing with market leaders specialized in their business fields when we offer a bigger range of solutions.


What are the main trends in your business?

We rely on public investment in roads, highways, railways, airports, energy plants etc. and also on private investments in the building business.


How are you involved in sustainability?

We participate in the development and the normalization of sustainable products. We develop fast and easy products to be installed. We also focus on reducing the energy consumption while increasing the building insulation. We also try to reduce the noise inside and outside the buildings.


Why did you choose to work for this company?

I have more than 20 years of experience in the construction notably within German industrial companies.

I have been working for the last 15 years throughout Europe but I wanted to come back to France because I knew the construction market outlooks were good due to a lack for infrastructure. I was also interested in working for family-owned companies which innovated in the long run, were well-known in their businesses and successful.


How would like to conclude?

The potential of the French market is important. Big towns in France are very much developing their infrastructures. So it explains why Germany industrial companies want to further invest in France.

We can rely on small and medium-sized companies to develop business in France.

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