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Today human population January 2022 is about 7.8 billion. The population expected by year 2050 will be around 10 billion people. The natural resources for food production up to 2021 are already limited by the systematic damage with which nature has been affected. The challenge is enormous and the current situation is not flattering. According to the Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO), from 2019 to 2020 the pandemic caused by Covid 19 has increased the chronically hungry population from 83 to 123 million people, post-harvest food losses from production, transportation, storage and processing establishments exceeds 400 billion dollars annually. In the last twenty years, more than 100 million hectares of forests have been lost on the planet. The biologically sustainable levels of fish stocks in the oceans fell by 65%, the lowest percentage since 1974. Besides the Earth faces other challenge: the climate change, which among the variables that most affect the agri-food sector is global warming with its consequences. in the decrease in the availability of fresh water in different regions, the increase in the desertification of fertile lands and the increase in the number and force of unwanted meteorological phenomena such as cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.

Given the enormous challenges involved in feeding humanity, the present and future performance of governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector is essential, in order to meet the objectives of sustainable development in the sector, for which it is essential to comply with economic, environmental, institutional and social indicators.

CFR Global Executive Search Food & Agribusiness Practice Group offers its expertise support to 100+ clients with Senior Consultants who, with their knowledge, experience and social network, support multiple local and global public and private organizations in their quest to attract, select and find the best talent (Board Members, C Level, Directors, Managers and Specialized positions) in order to achieve those very important objectives. challenges that the food and agribusiness sector in the world faces today, from the production, marketing and processing of grains, oilseeds, flowers & ornamentals, fruits and vegetables, forestry products, dairy products, meat products, organic products, processed foods, wine & spirits, fish and shellfish, products and services related to the Food & Agribusiness sector.

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Article written by Jorge Segovia, Food&Agribusiness Practise Group, CFR Global Executive Search Mexico
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