After working for eight business’, and 26 years in the headhunting industry and the last eight years being involved with the CFR Group my time has come to an end.

What a ride it has been, JacksonStone & Partners became a member of CFR nine years ago when then Director Richard Stone travelled to Italy to the CFR annual conference to present our case for joining the Group, I’m sure most of the group had no idea where New Zealand was. After Richard’s presentation our membership was confirmed, and we became a part of a global group of 35 small and medium size search businesses.

The following year I represented our business at the San Diego Conference (and so it started). My intention was to sit quietly and listen and learn. Those of you who know me or have gotten to know me will understand that I am not much good at this and ended up becoming the APAC Regional Director. The downside of this was regular 2.00am Zoom Meetings the upside was that I had to attend the annual meetings around the globe and as a result making so many great friends.

All CFR businesses can, and do, act locally and think globally. This gives the Group the ability refer work around the globe with the strong knowledge that client’s best interests will be taken care of. CFR takes great care to let business owners have their say, run their businesses without interruption, and goes to great extremes to make sure that service levels are adhered too.

Attendance at (at least) the yearly Conference, monthly regional catchups and yearly regional meetings has meant strong relationships have been formed and the ability to work closely goes without question. Over the last few years, the relationship that we have fostered with our Australian partners (David & Stuart) Beilby Downing Teal has meant weekly calls and strong friendships (sorry the farewell invite got lost guys) this in turn has meant an even better result for clients that we have worked with.

After eight years with CFR, many countries, and many lasting friendships I am finally finishing up. The lasting friendships and memories are amazing, and I look forward to staying in touch with CFR (maybe the odd guest appearance) and hosting any of you who make it to New Zealand. Its heading into summer right now, it is warm, the boarders are open and there are no restrictions.

Any small/medium size headhunting agency in APAC (or indeed anywhere around the globe) considering joining a global grouping should consider the CFR Group you will not be disappointed. Contact

Article written by David Hollander, CFR Global Executive Search New Zealand


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