Could Ukraine refugees be the solution
for overheated labor markets?

An estimated 300,000 Ukrainians have traveled to the Czech Republic to escape the war in Ukraine since late February. The Czech Republic is in the TOP 3 countries welcoming most of the Ukraine refugees. And while they have found safety here, their job prospects can seem uncertain. Even though almost 65% of the Czech companies in multiple industries have serious troubles with recruiting new employees.

In May 2022, TRESCON Executive Search in partnership with other professionals from HR Brainstorming focus group organized a job fair targeted at Ukraine refugees and local companies with a single purpose. To connect them, educate them, and help them both to solve their labor situation. There were 60 companies – exhibitors and about 1500 job applicants.

According to the survey taken during the exhibit among the refugees 87% of respondents would like to find employment in the Czech Republic. The rest 13% are about to change their current position.  They are experienced in various industries and positions. They have worked in sales and economics (25%), production (13%), administration and HR (12%), and IT (4%). On the other hand, they usually find job vacancies in production, sales, and gastronomy. Most of them are interested in a full-time position, but about 1/3 of them are looking for a part-time position mainly because they are caregivers to children.

Unfortunately, the companies are thirsty for candidates experienced in IT, electrotechnical industry, and specialized production positions. According to this survey, the Ukraine refugees lack the expertise and language competencies to fill this gap. Despite the overall positive experience with Ukraine workers, the companies would welcome some help with the language barrier. Only then they can fully make use of this opportunity and help the Ukraine refugees to find meaningful satisfying and relevant employment.

Article written by Article written by Jitka Jarošová, CFR Global Executive Search Czech Republic

Photo source: Pexels

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