The Disadvantages of Online and Internal Recruitment

Many companies turn to online recruiting methods for a quick and inexpensive way to find potential candidates for open roles. However, this recruiting method can leave you with an overwhelming response from applicants, making it difficult to identify the most qualified candidates that truly align with your company’s needs and values.  

Traditional recruiting methods can also be impersonal and prevent you from understanding the unique attributes, experience, and interests a candidate possesses—a resume isn’t always enough to understand an applicant’s market knowledge and potential to succeed in your industry. In order to hire effectively, it is imperative to know that your potential candidates are a great fit for the role and your company’s culture alike.

The Advantages of Hiring a Recruitment Agency

Finding and hiring qualified team members is easy with a recruiting agency that’s experienced in your industry, knows what skills are required for success, and has a large pool of pre-vetted candidates. Stay ahead of your competition with the help of specialists trained to find the candidates that are uniquely qualified to boost your company’s value.

       Market Knowledge

One of the benefits of hiring a recruiting agency is the greater level of expertise in employment trends, job details and expectations, career growth, available skill sets, and current complexities in your hiring market. A recruiter who is knowledgeable about the details of your particular industry can easily identify the strongest candidates that fit within your suggested salary range.


Leverage a recruiting agency’s databases and networks to connect with candidates specifically skilled in the areas you are looking for. An advantage of working with an external recruitment agency is the ability to connect your company with candidates in a variety of locations and specialized industries across the globe.

      Top-Level Talent

Recruiting agencies thoroughly evaluate a candidate’s aptitude before moving them along in the hiring process—anyone who makes it to the final stages is pre-vetted to be successful in your open position. Encourage retention and promote a strong company culture by hiring candidates that are proven to align with your values and their expected responsibilities.

Stand out with CFR Global Executive Search

Trust CFR Global Executive Search, specialists in global executive recruitment, to identify qualified candidates across a wide range of industries and locations. Our extensive knowledge of worldwide markets and industries allows us to anticipate challenges and opportunities for your business, while our global recruiting network broadens the pool of qualified candidates that match with your specific growth goals. CFR Global Executive Search can help you make effective and profitable hiring choices that will bring your organization lasting success.

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