Hiring in the time of Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic jeopardized our health, security and economy without warning. And, as one of many steps to protect ourselves from this common enemy, a remote workplace has become the new normal all over the world.

For HR professionals, the process of finding the right person for our vacancies changed overnight. Not only are existing staff being managed through the power of digital tech, but we are assessing, interviewing and onboarding new employees without ever meeting them face-to-face.

And yet, the way we adapt to the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, is the very measure of our resilience. Having the right skills to face these challenges will define the success of our companies in the years to come.

How top recruiters are hiring in the new normal

With that in mind, here are three top tips from Executive Search experts to strategize your recruitment plans in 2021.

1. Is now the right time to recruit?

The first question to ask is whether this is even the right time to be hiring. Is it better to search for staff right now, or wait until this global disaster is behind us?

As the economic impact of the pandemic has been felt in every sector, leading to countless redundancies, it is natural to have reservations about expanding your team at this time. But the reality is that bringing the right people into your team has never been more important: people who will help lead your team through these difficult times and come out on top.

That is a move you can’t afford to postpone.

2. Knowing when to outsource

While the HR department is adapting to the new normal, the idea of starting a recruitment drive – especially for a senior position – might seem too much. But in the long-term, there is a risk that delaying these important decisions will damage the company, as it fails to get the right personnel on board to help it thrive in these difficult times.

To sidestep this situation without adding additional pressure to the HR staff, companies are seeking assistance from experts such as Executive Search Consultants. These are skillful recruiters that take the time to understand your needs and find the perfect candidate for your position.

Once they have identified the right candidate, they take the time to present your company and vacancy in a way that the candidate will find hard to turn down. Your candidate arrives to you with a good understanding of your company. The recruiter stays present throughout the process, ensuring no detail is missed. They act as a bridge between the candidate and the company, relieving the pressure from the HR department.

 3. Finding the right candidate

Without being able to test the chemistry in a face-to-face interview, making sure your candidate will be a good fit for the company has become the greatest challenge for every HR professional. Virtual technologies fill the gap to an extent, allowing us to conduct interviews and assessments on our potential candidates – and yet, there can be a lingering doubt in recruiting someone you have never really met.

And yet, it is also important to remember that the position you are hiring for has changed as well. Rather than assess your candidate based on the old normal, you need to adjust your frame and view the candidate in the new context of their role. The way a candidate comes across in a video interview is a realistic measure of how they will handle remote meetings with your staff and clients.

Beyond the requirements of your specific position, working from home draws on a different set of skills than the old workplace. Some people find it difficult to focus amidst the distractions of home; others excel in the remote set-up, finding it easier to focus and get into the flow. You need to discern which candidates will perform best in this environment, before deciding who to make an offer to.

Whatever the weather

We all feel powerless in the face of a global disaster that has changed the way we live and work. And yet, as HR professionals we can make the difference between our company’s success and failure in this new normal. The challenge is to make sure to get the right candidates that will help your company grow and thrive, regardless of what’s going on outside.

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