How An External HR Advisor Adds Value To Your Company

Businesses spend a lot of time and resources on sourcing and developing the right talent.

Luckily, the HR function has transformed and half of all businesses are outsourcing all or part of their HR functions to create the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and resourcefulness.

Why Outsource Your Recruitment

An in-house HR function is resource-intensive and takes up a lot of your organization’s time and energy. But when you outsource the service to an expert external HR advisor, you get to take advantage of their expertise without the learning curve.

Additionally, you can redirect the available company resources (both financial and human) to the core aspects of your business that earn revenue.

The benefits of an outsourced HR advisor don’t end there – added advantages include:

  • Access to the latest technology and tools (Data Mining and Analytics, cloud technology and more)
  • Expert dealing with compliance and legalities
  • Cost-effective expertise

The Role Of External HR Advisors In Recruitment

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The role of the external HR advisor is one of an intermediary between the company and potential hires. They understand the recruitment needs of employers, and also communicate with the executives to understand what kind of employee they need and set out to seek individuals who would make an ideal fit.

Since external HR advisors are intermediaries, they can approach individuals anonymously. There’s no need for them to disclose your company’s name till later during the interviews – they can interview candidates without disrupting the company’s core functions, too.

Since the HR advisors are just the middlemen, candidates will be more open when answering questions and voicing any concerns they may have regarding the position.

HR Advisors can then facilitate the potential hires while portraying a positive image of the company.

Tried And Tested In-Depth Hiring Processes

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An external HR advisor brings a wealth of experience with them that they use to find you the best candidate for vacant positions. An external HR advisor strengthens your hiring process by adding tests as well as structured and unstructured interviews to assess how well the candidate fits within the role.

Expert HR advisors employ interviewing techniques that gauge employee fitness for a role – they have the experience and skill to figure out whether a candidate has exaggerated on their résumé.

An HR expert can help minimize the occurrence of recruitment mistakes, so you get to hire the right person for the job.

They can also help your business use the latest HR and recruitment software to maximize the effectiveness of the hiring process with training, on-boarding and performance evaluations.

Finding The Right Fit

Employing the expertise of external HR advisors is a cost-effective way to get the right employee for a position.

External HR advisors add value to your company by discussing your recruitment needs and representing your company in the best possible manner so that you get highly motivated and ideal candidates.

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