Prepare for International Interviews with Help from a Recruiter

There’s more to preparing for an international interview than a job interview in your home country. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the company’s history, mission, values, and growth potential, it’s important to learn about the culture and job market in the country where you’re applying—unfortunately, online research can fall short.

A recruiter who is natively familiar with all aspects of the country and job field you are applying in can be instrumental to beginning a career overseas. Prepare for your interview with an expert who can easily answer all your questions about everything from company culture and regional market share to proper interview attire, language barriers, and etiquette.

Native Knowledge

A successful international interview requires some familiarity with the native culture, language, and etiquette to prove you’re the right fit.  A local recruiter has inherent knowledge about the specific country and company’s culture and can help you align with its lifestyle and work style. In a country with different social norms, learning about appropriate workplace interactions will help with making a great first impression on your potential new employers.

Additionally, interviewing abroad sometimes requires you to be conversational or fluent in the company’s native language. Working with a recruiter to practice answering interview questions in the country’s language can save you from fumbling over words when the actual interview takes place. Learn appropriate phrases and idioms from a native speaker to boost your speaking skills and stand out from the competition.

Industry Expertise

To be a successful candidate, it helps to be an expert on every aspect of your industry and role. An international recruiter can help you navigate your field’s job market and growth potential in another country. Get valuable statistics about competitors and market share and develop a deeper understanding of how your potential new job fits into the global market. Speak intelligently about your ideas for company growth and be able to envision how the employer will benefit from their investment in you.

The Advantage of CFR Global Executive Search

The global reach and local expertise of CFR Global Executive Search allows us to introduce top-level candidates to a range of positions and industries worldwide. Our recruiters know what it takes to succeed and are dedicated to helping you grow personally and professionally. Find a job that fits your career path and prepare for international interviews with tips from an industry expert.

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