Let’s Screen Courage again!!

Benevolence as a human value is that of giving value to the person despite mistakes, foolishness or temporary weaknesses. Benevolence is also the attitude that looks after the good of the other person in this way.

A benevolent working relationship consists of valuing each other’s work and focusing on the positive. It is a virtuous relationship that develops between the manager and the employee.

For several years now, as recruiters, we have had to ensure that the managers we have evaluated during our missions are indeed benevolent.

However, it seems that in doing so, we have gradually put aside, opposing styles, to make sure that our candidates were able to show a certain assertiveness, or even a certain courage.

It is important that a manager, however benevolent, can also stand up to a member of his or her team, keep the missions entrusted to him or her on tracks, without putting the wellbeing of the employees first.

It is also essential that a manager can continue to represent the company, embody a certain idea of power, and lead as well as support. 

If benevolence takes a back seat, then in the long run the manager is not fulfilling his or her primary mission. And the quality that enables a manager to stay on course is courage. The courage to act and think in contrast to expectations and daily life, to act and think as a beacon and to aim for medium and long-term results. 

If the manager allows benevolence to become the prism or filter of all his actions, he will very quickly be at the service of his team, but it is impossible to serve two masters, the team and the company with the same efficiency. 

In the end, this will create difficulties and situations that will not be benevolent at all for the manager.

It’s the holiday season, and of course it’s time to wish each other a great moment. But as soon as we return to work, it will be time for the annual appraisals.

Let’s take this opportunity to congratulate the managers who show courage on a daily basis, and above all to make sure that we make a good resolution to go back to screening for courage as well as benevolence in our candidates.

Article written by Stéphane LEHIDEUX, CFR Global Executive Search France

Photo source: Pixabay

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