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How to choose the right executive search partner

What can an executive search partner do that you can’t? Executive searches are all about locating elite, specialised profiles. And that specialisation implies much fiercer competition when it comes to recruiting. Consequently, recruiters face a three-fold challenge, i.e. knowing where the talent is, connecting with the prospect, and persuading them…

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Let us break the glass ceiling – Women Entrepreneurship in today’s times

Talking about women’s leadership, a question always arises. Why is female leadership so important in our world? Women hold fewer than a quarter (24 percent) of senior roles globally. Despite more women taking the entrepreneurial plunge, they still face challenges which we have heard over and over again. Women have…

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The Organization´s success depends on the talent you hire, develop and retain
Part two

Working for vs Being part of There is a big difference between working in an Organization and being part of it. It is the difference of working with other people but individually, than being a key element within a team. In a team, each of the members performs specific roles…

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The organization´s success depends on the talent you hire, develop and retain
Part one

Human beings are stewards of the talents we possess, we can feel like temporary owners of them, but the most important thing is the results we achieve when applying them in the real world. An organization is made up of people who think and act inside or outside of it,…

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War for talent

Many companies, during the pandemic, did not know what the future would bring.  They acted with caution and stopped the recruitment and hiring processes all together.  However, the pandemic did not affect all industries on the same level. Some industries were impacted more and some less, and others experienced even…

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Why Job Descriptions and Curriculum Vitae are Poor Tools for Candidate Selection. We all know that it is difficult to find perfect fit candidates.  Candidates that have all the skills and experience plus all the other intangible characteristics that we are looking for. While criteria like work experience, specific qualifications,…

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Got that Monday morning feeling?

It could be time to leave your job. David* reached over to switch off his buzzing alarm clock, and his stomach tightened, with the sinking realisation that it was Monday.  That feeling of a lack of excitement was getting to be an everyday part of waking up to go to…

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Remote Leadership

COVID-19 pandemic caused a profound change in all areas of life, not only in work life. To prevent the spread of disease, companies around the world are sending their employees to work from home. Although the pandemic in Europe seems to be in retreat, some businesses decided to switch to…

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What do the following jobs have in common? The CEO of Lotus Sports Cars A Scottish Island Whisky Distillery Manager The Director of Fundraising for a Cathedral A Chief Operating Officer for a Private Equity Bank At first glance of course, the answer is “nothing” but in reality, these are…

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