Recruiting millennials for the top management positions

Recruiting Millennials for Top Management Positions

Millennials in the workplace were once considered disruptors because they questioned traditional ways of doing business. However, the tide is turning as the Baby Boomer generation retires and hiring millennials for top management roles becomes the norm. The commonly held myths, that millennials have no loyalty, no work ethic, an…

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CFR Global Executive Search Conference 2019 – Mexico City

Every year the CFR Global Executive Search Network meets in a different member city around the globe.  This year was no different with us all meeting in Mexico City, being hosted by Jorge Segovia, Monica and their team at LYCANS Group This year was, however, different as Jorge and…

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Luxury retail executives discussing sales and merchandising strategies for the upcoming season

Global Retail and Luxury Trends

Today’s global retail and luxury industry faces two primary challenges: increased competition and a greater need to stay relevant and engaged amidst changing consumer expectations. As new digital-focused brands enter the marketplace with legacy luxury brands, it is imperative for businesses in the industry to create innovative branding strategies and utilize technology to its full potential. Recruitment agencies can help luxury retail brands find the executives needed to succeed.

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a recruiting manager calculating the cost to hire a new employee

Reducing Corporate Recruiting Costs

Hiring qualified employees with relevant experience can be a costly process. Human resources expenses, career fairs, job board posting fees, and high turnover can leave you spending more than you need on recruiting talented employees. Explore the following solutions to reduce your corporate recruiting costs and find qualified candidates without going over your hiring budget.

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European immigration trends

European Immigration Trends

Immigration to Europe reached its peak during the 2015 migrant and refugee crisis, when over 1 million asylum seekers and economic migrants entered the continent. Today, statistics show that immigration to Europe has decreased dramatically. Despite this, immigrants still have a large presence in the EU. The number of immigrant arrivals is expected to rise again soon, prompting more discussions about increased immigration and the effects on the EU.

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filing taxes while working abroad

Tax Considerations for Working Internationally

Working abroad and living outside of your home country requires you to be knowledgeable about the tax laws and requirements where you are residing. While the intricacies of international tax planning can be complex, keeping basic considerations in mind will help simplify the process.

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an agricultural sales manager closing a deal

Sales and Marketing Executives in Food & Agribusiness

Sales and marketing executives in the food and agribusiness industry increase revenue, improve client and customer satisfaction, and grow market share by working closely with farmers to distribute and market their produce, getting involved at every stage between food production and consumption.

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an empty office due to internal recruitment disadvantages

The Disadvantages of Online and Internal Recruitment

Many companies turn to online recruiting methods for a quick and inexpensive way to find potential candidates for open roles. However, this recruiting method can leave you with an overwhelming response from applicants, making it difficult to identify the most qualified candidates that truly align with your company’s needs and values.

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2019 Employment Trends – North America

North America is expected to reach its lowest unemployment rate in 2019, with the combined unemployment rate of both the United States and Canada reaching 4.1% –the lowest in almost 50 years.

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