Leading people through economic headwinds?

February 20, 2023

The global economy has enjoyed a strong period of growth throughout the past 2 years following COVID 19 and the demand in executive search remains buoyant at this stage, given the demand for skilled executives as organisations take advantage of growth, consolidation opportunities or undertake sustainable restructure. However, strong economic…

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HR-Trends for 2023 in Germany

February 13, 2023

Covid impacts and late effects, Russia/Ukraine-war in Europe, broken global supply chains, energy crisis, highest inflation peak, initiated digital transformation, early recession – what else to come? After intense talks with our customers during 2021/22 we forecast the following HR-implications in 2023 for employers and leadership teams in Germany to…

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Global Talent Shortage

February 6, 2023

Impact on the hiring processes of Executive Search Companies and their Clients During the last couple of years, and more intensively after the pandemic, Labor Market news and trends are dominated by two words: “Talent Shortage”! The reasons behind it have been analyzed thoroughly through many articles, studies, and research.…

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Main tasks for the Food and Agribusiness sector in 2023

January 30, 2023

What must we do so the food production and agribusiness industry can meet the current goal of feeding eight billion people daily, which will increase to ten billion in approximately 25 years? The planet’s resources are limited therefore, we present here a list of five points that must be part…

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Harnessing ESG Talent for a Sustainable Revolution

January 23, 2023

The term “sustainable revolution” is a significant change or transformation that is designed to be environmentally friendly and socially responsible, with the goal of creating a better future for both people and the planet. This involves the adoption of new technologies, changes to economic systems, or shifts in societal values…

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Let’s Screen Courage again!!

January 2, 2023

Benevolence as a human value is that of giving value to the person despite mistakes, foolishness or temporary weaknesses. Benevolence is also the attitude that looks after the good of the other person in this way. A benevolent working relationship consists of valuing each other’s work and focusing on the…

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People, Machines and Algorithms

December 26, 2022

It is fundamental to reset People core competencies and their implementation in the age of Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing, in a digital globalized labour market. The global digital transformation and the development of Intelligent Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 have already given birth to a variety of new technologies, with…

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Leadership for a Digital Era

December 19, 2022

The way leadership is perceived in many businesses is changing as a result of digital technologies. The adoption of digital technologies and the process of digital transformation have been hastened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Overall, the ability to be agile, adaptable, and forward-thinking, as well as to develop a culture…

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Only a few weeks remain in 2022

December 5, 2022

2022 has been a very challenging year for the Executive Search business. First we faced a long period of (un)expected constraints, balancing and keeping “hybrid forms of work” and the uncertain economic outlook. But … there was light at the end of the tunnel. The market was picking up and…

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