Quality in the Service – a Story That Never Ends

“One more executive search process has been closed with the hiring of the final candidate”, the bells ring and all from the part of the candidate, the client and the executive search firm, happiness reigns after long weeks of hard work, In-person and virtual meetings, negotiations and other activities that the executive search processes entail. 

What’s next for the executive search firm? Accompanying the client and hired candidate in the onboarding process, closing the process with the finalist candidates, but there are certain factors of importance for those of us who are concerned about continuous improvement. 

What did I do right during the process? What should I improve in the process? We must ask these and other questions at each of the stages of the process, from who the consultants are who participate, to the deliverables and the times.

A questionnaire that asks specific questions regarding the executive search process development answered by the client and finalist candidates, is undoubtedly a very valuable tool that encourages, strengthens and questions the members of the executive search firm.

It is useful for the Client and Finalist Candidates to rate some attributes such as the knowledge and expertise of the Consultants in matters of the business sector and area of ​​expertise, feedback and monitoring during the stages of the process, quality and relevance in the progress reports, ease and promptness in response, kindness in attention, accuracy in scheduling interviews and appointments; alignment with the agreed search strategy; adjustments, changes and modifications to the strategy based on market restrictions, among others.

A process concludes, a new one begins, the critical analysis of clients and candidates is key to making quality service a story that never ends.

Article written by Jorge Segovia, CFR Global Executive Search Mexico
Photo source: Freepik

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