Sales and Marketing Executives in Food & Agribusiness

Sales and marketing are the backbone of any business, and executives in these roles are responsible for increasing revenue, improving client and customer satisfaction, and growing the market share in line with current trends. Sales and marketing executive management in the food and agribusiness industry drives these objectives by working closely with farmers to distribute and market their produce, getting involved at every stage between food production and consumption.

Sales Executives in Food and Agribusiness

Agricultural sales managers assist with selling crop distribution to consumers and are responsible for selling all farming products offered by a company. Common products sold by agricultural executives include machinery, fertilizer, technology, feed, and produce, making it essential to have previous experience in the farming industry to understand how each product affects the bottom line. Selling farming machinery requires knowledge of how it operates and the efficiencies it offers, while selling fertilizer demands expertise in how it affects crops and the consumers who eat them. Sales executives also work closely with farmers to sell their output, making it important to understand the details of growing and harvesting the crop being sold.

A degree in business or agribusiness will help food sales executive candidates stand out in a competitive field. Strong executive candidates should also have public speaking skills, which will help when pitching agricultural products to potential and existing customers.

Marketing Executives in Food and Agribusiness

Marketing plays a vital role in the agriculture industry and involves moving a product from the production stage to the consumption stage. Agricultural marketing executives are involved with a variety of cross-departmental projects, including production planning, growing, harvesting, packaging, transportation, and ultimately, marketing the product for sale to consumers. Marketing executives identify current market trends to communicate with farmers regarding what products to produce and when, and they drive customer satisfaction by communicating prices and product availability. Great marketing executives can improve the public’s knowledge and consumption of a certain product while increasing profits for farmers and producers.

For hopeful marketing executive candidates, a degree in marketing or agribusiness management is beneficial for understanding how to generate successful marketing campaigns related to the food industry. It’s equally important they have previous experience in the agribusiness industry to ensure their knowledgeable of current market trends and successful food and agriculture marketing strategies. Strong skills to have as a marketing executive in the agriculture industry include problem-solving skills for harvesting setbacks, strong communication for ongoing relationships with farmers, and the ability to manage time-sensitive and ongoing projects such as seasonal crop campaigns.

CFR Global Executive Search’s Knowledge of the Agribusiness Industry

Hiring the right sales and marketing executives for the agribusiness industry is crucial to improve production efficiency and sustainability, increase profits, and promote customer satisfaction. We know what it takes—our partners are experienced in hiring top-level decision makers with highly specialized agricultural expertise. Trust CFR Global Executive Search’s extensive knowledge in the agribusiness industry to help you select the right sales and marketing executives that will grow your company and the industry.

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