Self reflection – the ability to be Engaged, Enabled and Connected!

I’m privileged, working in recruitment specifically and consulting more broadly it is a tremendously rewarding career. Don’t get me wrong there are lots of challenges – right now I have a few great assignments to work on, however the need to identify new revenue opportunities is calling and sales isn’t my strong suit! The sales process is always easier in the knowledge that the organisations we are invited to influence, and the incredibly talented people we meet is typically inspiring.

Building sustainable relationships over time is a key for me and recently I invested in those relationships over a dedicated week to complete our assignment engagement commitment of individual psychometric feedback for placed executives and 360 feedback for others after 6 months in their roles.

During these meetings I met with a range of leaders and functional professionals who I have been fortunate enough to partner with during their recent career move. These include Board Chairs of organisations and successful leaders who are actively engaged in building sustainable shareholder business growth and creating value for their employees.

While each of these people had their own business challenges, they were transparent and open to engage. In these discussions they individually opened the door to their challenges and vulnerabilities, though overwhelmingly each leader appeared ‘comfortable in their own skin’, prepared and committed to tackle the challenges ahead and open to the counsel, advice, and support of others.  Ultimately, they demonstrated that success for them and their business lay in their own ability, their personal commitment, and actions. Critically each understood success would be incumbent on engaging with and then leading their teams and people in their organisations.

One of the senior managers had a simple strategy to leading their new team. This team was over twenty people and the manager would be remote in an environment where positive change and growth are critical to the next stages of the development of the business. Their strategy was simple – build Engaged, Enabled and Connected teams. It might be a simple phrase however for me it instilled a sense of clarity and purpose. While leading remotely has become an essential skill in a COVID world, executing consistently is still the challenge for many.

As I reflect on each review it is evident to me that each leader had, in their own way, determined that they, their teams and their organisations needed to be Engaged, Enabled and Connected. It started with individual acceptance and accountability and cascaded throughout the enterprise however it started with individual clarity and acceptance that personal success was up to them and they in turn created opportunities for success in their teams.

As always, reflection creates clarity and renewed focus that success is my responsibility and I need to recalibrate my state of Engaged, Enabled and Connected both for myself and those around me.  I know my success and influencing positive outcomes within our business starts with me.

Article written by David Gallagher, CFR Global Executive Search Australia
Photo source: Unsplash

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