Spanish SMEs open up to the WORLD

Tackling on the challenge of identifying and incorporating the talent necessary to compete successfully in other countries.

In recent years, Spanish companies have undergone a period of great development in their international activity. It is no longer just the large global companies (Inditex, Banco de Santander, Telefónica, Abertis, Ferrovial…) that are committed to competing in foreign markets. A growing number of companies, including many medium-sized ones, have understood that internationalization is not only a key strategic factor for their business growth, but, increasingly, a fundamental element for business survival. Thus, since the outbreak of the crisis, given the collapse of domestic demand and the sluggishness of national consumers, the number of Spanish companies with a presence abroad has practically doubled. But if the opportunities are undoubted, the enormous challenges that opening to the outside also entails cannot be ignored, especially in the case of smaller companies. Challenges that derive, in large part, from the need to have solid strategic plans and expansion projects; a deep knowledge of the markets in which the company wants to enter; access to the financial resources necessary to launch these projects and to face the subsequent legal-commercial, labor, and tax costs, etc. inherent to external activity.

How to recruit the necessary Talent to guarantee success competing abroad?

One of the fundamental challenges that Spanish companies face when operating internationally is to incorporate local management talent into their organization as soon as possible in those markets in which they seek to enter: Professionals capable of identifying with the cultural values and business model of the company, to guarantee its viability and development in this new and unknown environment, as full of opportunities as it is of threats for those who arrive from outside. KALEIDA/CFR Global Executive Search Alliance supports Spanish companies in this adventure.

KALEIDA, through our membership in the international CFR Global Alliance network, accompanies Spanish companies in the process of attracting and retaining local management talent in the different countries and cultural areas in which they seek to establish themselves.

Project management and dialogue with the client is done from Spain, but the execution of the search process is carried out on site, by our partners, expert local consultants from different markets and countries.

A fundamental part of the process is to provide support and guidance to the local consultant on the cultural values and attitudes that the Spanish company looks for in the managers it wants to incorporate into its organization. It is a critical element, not always evident to the local consultant, in which the guidance and monitoring by the person responsible for the project in Spain is basic.

In which countries can Kaleida, through its CFR Global Executive Search Alliance partners, become a strategic partner of your International Business?

Founded in 1997, CFR Global Executive Search is an international alliance of independent executive search firms whose combined resources enable it to have one of the broadest recruiting networks in the world. Although originally, we were an essentially European group, we currently operate in nearly 50 countries all over the world, with an international team made up of more than 350 consultants specialized in different sectors of activity: Consumer Goods, Pharma, Banking/Insurance, Construction and Infrastructure, Industry and Energy, Engineering, Transport and Logistics, New Technologies, Agro-Food, Commerce and Retail, etc. We all share the same work methodology and operate from the same quality standards and the same values: Trust, Respect, maximum Quality in everything we do and maximum Commitment to Excellence and to the client in our actions.

What are the differentiating elements of Kaleida- CFR Global Executive Search Alliance?

We are used to working developing multi-country search and selection projects. We work in an integrated manner to give our clients access to our global network with the same care and attention expected from local executive search firms. Features of the CFR Global Executive Search service include the strategic positioning of our international offices, a deep understanding of client needs, personalized and confidential search adapted to the local cultures of each country, conducting competency-based interviews, rigorous candidate evaluations, guarantee of success in incorporation, very tight deadlines in the fulfillment of search missions and the presentation of shortlists of candidates of the highest quality. All this while the client maintains dialogue with the consultant in Spain, who oversees coordinating and monitoring the entire process to ensure results. KALEIDA-CFR Global Executive Search: Global reach, local execution. The best of both worlds…

Article written by Carlos Cámara managing partner at CFR Global Executive Search Spain
Photo source: Freepik

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