The Organization´s success depends on the talent you hire, develop and retain
Part two

Working for vs Being part of

There is a big difference between working in an Organization and being part of it. It is the difference of working with other people but individually, than being a key element within a team.

In a team, each of the members performs specific roles whose results impact the other members. It is essential to understand that the performance of each member is vital to achieve the objectives set by the leader of the team and that have been accepted by its members.

Talent Development

High performance teams are made up of Talents who perform their specialized functions, different but complementary, with expected performances of excellence or very close to it.

The Organizations formulate general development plans for the Talents that comprise them. They also generate specific development programs for each of the teams, including high-performance ones.

On the other hand, the Organizations also create individual development programs for each of the Talents that collaborate within them.

Talents who feel that they are important members within their team and within the Organization, generally coincide in one virtue: the positive attitude of wanting to learn, contribute, support, collaborate, both individually and as a team, achieve and exceed goals set for their periodic performance. Therefore, if you want to be part of the Organization, the person, if he/she does not know, learns; if she/he can’t do it, ask for help. Individual and team development is essential for the Organization and the Talents that comprise it to prosper.

In an Organizational environment with well-established dynamics of Talent development, people know what they must do and have to fulfill to grow personally and professionally. The Organization that offers positive results looks and makes itself known in the market, so the companies with which they compete, customers and / or suppliers, would like to attract the Talents that make up that successful Organization to their own companies. However, the efforts will be in vain, if the Talents are well paid, with development programs aligned to their expectations, that are aware and motivated by their contribution to the community to which they belong and to society in general, that perceive from within of their Organization a healthy environment of a true team, who feel the Organization is busy providing them with the necessary elements to achieve a good balance of personal/professional life, that note the Organization offers them the benefits of the home office and the different options of flexible collaboration; then they could hardly be tempted to leave the Organization.

Article written by Jorge Segovia, CFR Global Executive Search Mexico

Photo source: Freepik

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