The organization´s success depends on the talent you hire, develop and retain
Part one

Human beings are stewards of the talents we possess, we can feel like temporary owners of them, but the most important thing is the results we achieve when applying them in the real world. An organization is made up of people who think and act inside or outside of it, and people are their Talents. The Organization success over time will depend on how it manages these Talents.

Hiring process

Executive and directive management begins with the hiring process, for which the following must be defined in advance (the What and Why of hiring):

  • The job description determines the what, why, how, when, where and with whom the Talent that occupies that position will do her/his work.
  • The Profile defines the type of Talent needed to fill the position, based on her/his academic studies, language proficiency, specialized knowledge, skills, certifications, current and previous experience, etc.
  • The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), the parameters under which the performance required by the Position is measured, in order that in the future it is periodically compared with the results achieved by the Talent occupying the Position.
  • The compensation package that is offered and should be equal to or greater than what is offered in the market: annual salary, bonuses, benefits, stocks, etc.

Once it is clear about the Talent the organization needs, its cost, and the benefit it hopes to get from him/her, then the search strategy for the required Talent is developed: inside or outside the organization, local or foreign, national or international, using its own recruitment resources or by hiring an executive search Firm.

Here begins the Talent search process, multiple contacts are made, the selection process is  based on the organization specific requirements previously described, but also in consideration of the genuine interest of the Talent, evaluation and hiring of the final Candidate who has best met those requirements and to whom the comprehensive offer has been specially attractive (professionally, financially and personally).

The Talent that is formally presented as a new member of the Organization, must undergo an integration process to the same, where it is made known to the other Talents (who are already part of the Great Team that He/She will direct or to which He/She will belong), and His/Her participation in more specialized / sophisticated teams will have integration sessions with other Talents through team meetings, individual, videoconferences, individually through readings, audiovisuals, integration coaching sessions and other tools and disciplines that support the new Talent adapts appropriately and quickly to its environment.

Article written by Jorge Segovia, CFR Global Executive Search Mexico

Photo source: Freepik

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