Will robots be able to recruit candidates like consultants do?

ECSSA questions about how much Artificial Intelligence impacts on the search & selection process and whether it will replace the human factor.


Let’s face it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already carved out a place in the recruitment world.

It has been years since software is able to sort out profiles out of thousands of resumes, just in a few seconds, through typing the key words.

CV scanners are quick at spotting relevant information in the resumes, analyzing the data and finally suggesting whether the candidate might have the right experience or technical skills.

As for the behavior skills, on-line tests do exist, leading to soft skills profiling. Those who believe that on-line test results are reliable will certainly come to the conclusion that a robot can do a proper selection job after all.

But what about the communication skills and emotional intelligence, whose evaluation normally requires a face-to-face interview?


There again, technology seems to be able to do the job Tim Roth is so good at in “Lie to me”.

Candidates can be video-recorded, and a tool is now able to analyze hesitations, modulation of the voice, micro-expressions and many more, leading to valuable information enriching their profile.

So, is it the end of recruitment consulting at least on the assessment side? Surely not.

At the end, the complexity of the decision making will always require human contribution because we know that a successful recruitment is a question of compromise. Compromise between the demonstrated and required skills (it never matches perfectly), taking into account motivations and values of the candidate, those two probably the most difficult features to assess.


More on tools? – “scans all the resumes and provides a ranking report, showing which candidates best match your job requirements (not just keywords)” – “gather and analyze predictive performance data without the lengthy process of

traditional assessments”


Source: ECSSA – European Confederation of Search and Selection Associations

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