Professional Advice

The Art and Science of Negotiating a Job Offer

According to this article about 90% of companies expect candidates to negotiate job offers during the hiring process, but most of the time this doesn’t happen. A candidate who negotiate can transmit a better personal image, although it is important to know how to negotiate and to understand the right moment. Are you an effective…

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Why You Need More Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the foundation for important skills, such as empathy, team-work and decision-making, that’s why it impacts professional success. According to this study peolple with a high degree of emotional intelligence are top performers and tend to make more money.What’s your degree of emotional intellligence? Here you have some advices to train and increase…

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The Leadership Skill Everybody Needs – And 90% Of Managers Lack

In the working world is important to have a deep understanding of interpersonal communications, in order to be effective in conflict resolution, negotiation, argumentation and persuasive communication. The prestigious magazine Forbes, suggests that the best way to improve high-level communications skills is to become a proficiency perspective-taker by trying to see things and situations from…

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8 Innovative Ways Companies Are Using Virtual Reality to Recruit

Nowadays employers have to face rising competition for talent and often technologies are the best allies to improve candidates experience and engagement. Currently one of the most popular innovation is virtual reality, this article shows how eight companies adopted it in their hiring process. Do you think that VR could make the difference in recruiting…

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Huh? HR Chief: ‘Instagram is the New LinkedIn’

Today Instagram can count 250 million users of the format “Stories”, more than the pioneer Snapchat. The interesting fact is that a third of the most viewed stories is produced by companies. There is no doubt that Instagram is a terrific marketing tool, but would it be worthy creating an account just for recruiting? Read this…

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