HR-Trends for 2023 in Germany

Covid impacts and late effects, Russia/Ukraine-war in Europe, broken global supply chains, energy crisis, highest inflation peak, initiated digital transformation, early recession – what else to come? After intense talks with our customers during 2021/22 we forecast the following HR-implications in 2023 for employers and leadership teams in Germany to come:

HR-Trends in 2023 for Employers:

  • Global competitive constraints lead to entirely new HR-strategies.
  • Late Covid-implications stand for realignment of fundamental job contents and responsibilities of any role in each company.
  • Efficiency of leaders and unique company culture will remain being THE vital success factors of any high-performance company. 
  • Shortage of skilled workers and long-term covid-aftermath result in an increasing competition between urban and rural population, conditioned by flexible Home-Office agreements and modified Work/Life-Balance.
  • Variations of digital transformation lies to 50-80% probability in front of us!

HR-Trends in 2023 for Leaders:

  • Employees are THE dominant competitive factor #1 – more than ever before!
  • Company´s Executive Management and all leaders are challenged as a TEAM to initiate and execute appropriate action plans for sustainable productivity gains and international competitiveness!
  • The individual management skills of any Leader will make THE difference in winning, developing und retaining performing employees and managers.
  • The performance of the entire team will be major part of your leadership efficiency, without neglecting the single performance of its key players.
  • The necessities of top-class employers require a future-proof assimilation of team- and individual tasks to proactively promote smart working models and meaningful & sustainable work-life balance.
  • From an employee perspective, each Leader becomes a role-model for authentic and reliable guidance and agile Team-developments and organic culture transformation.
  • Shortage of leaders and skilled labour in Germany will even expand to 4-6 Mio. people in next years – talent flows from European countries or beyond will become key!
  • A significant „Recruiting-Renaissance“ of experienced employees (50/60 plus) has started!

Overall – we do see an obvious leadership-trend for conscious „back to essentials“ deliberate people hiring & development decisions and future-oriented HR-activities! Which of these trends do you experience already in your company?

As CANTOR and Founding Partner of CFR-Group – we are passionate about Executive Search and Headhunting for more than 25 years. We could support your business with future-oriented HR-process mastery and winning activities of high-performing leaders and skilled labour.  

Article written by Marc Steuer, CFR Global Executive Search Germany

Photo source: Pexels

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